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 Whichford Poppy Pot Whichford Poppy Pot SKU: X59553
 Espoma Garden Lime Espoma Garden Lime SKU: F56847
 Japanese Secateurs Japanese Secateurs SKU: S49825
 Hand Cultivator Hand Cultivator SKU: S49826
 Container & Pot Knife Container & Pot Knife SKU: S55896
 Ivory Indoor Watering Can Ivory Indoor Watering Can SKU: F50410
 Bridgetown Hand Trowel Bridgetown Hand Trowel SKU: S55886
 Handheld Cultivator Handheld Cultivator SKU: S55895
On Sale:  Indispensable Aeration Fork Indispensable Aeration Fork SKU: S55899
$89.00 $66.75
 Stem-Gripping Rose Pruners Stem-Gripping Rose Pruners SKU: S55898
 Precision Weeder Precision Weeder SKU: F49812
 Root Grabber Weeding Tool Root Grabber Weeding Tool SKU: F49813
 The Winter's Tale Pot The Winter's Tale Pot SKU: S59538
 Romeo and Juliet Pot Romeo and Juliet Pot SKU: S59537
 Milano Classic Planter Milano Classic Planter SKU: S58728
 Togo Pots Trio Togo Pots Trio SKU: S59284
 Norwich Urn Norwich Urn SKU: S58718
 Fiber Garden Pot Fiber Garden Pot SKU: S55840
 Tight Spots Weeding Tool Tight Spots Weeding Tool SKU: F49814
 Milano Tapered Planter Milano Tapered Planter SKU: S58729
 Milano Urn Milano Urn SKU: S58731
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