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Our Best Corporate Gift Yet! The bulb gardens were such a hit with our business associates last year we decided to make them a company holiday gift tradition. Many recipients shared that caring for the gardens had become an office project. Each new shoot and bloom a closely watched, group celebrated, event.
My best from Boise!
(November 2015)

I ordered 4 blueberry bushes from another nursery last year and when I received them, they were scrawny and sad looking. I was so disappointed. So when I saw your Blueberry Glaze bushes, I thought I'd give it one more try before resorting to going to the local nursery and buying one that I could see and touch. I am so glad I ordered them. They just arrived and are absolutely gorgeous! They were packaged perfect, so no soil was spilt through the box and they have beautiful buds on already. I will be telling everyone I know about the quality of your plants. Thank you so much for a wonderful job. I am now a loyal customer!

Lisa Silar
(April 2015)

"We ordered quite a few boxes last year (between 50 and 100) of the Persimmons for holiday gifts. Our business friends LOVED them!"

Aaron P. Stillman Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates
(November 2014)

Two years ago I ordered, amongst other things, one of your Hydrangea Paniculata 'Great Stars.' The next year it bloomed poorly and I sent you an email asking if it was possible you shipped the wrong plant? You were kind enough to send me a replacement free of charge. I was elated as I really wanted that plant. Well, it is now 2014 and I have discovered that I have the plant in duplicate. Thank you very much.

One of your many loyal customers,
Bill McNiff
Ball Ground, GA (August 2014)

Dear White Flower Farm,

In April I ordered 6 lavender plants. I wanted to tell you that the packaging was beautiful and very careful. The plants were healthy and I was very slow in planting them. They are thriving lovely and I was extremely impressed by your product. Thank you very much. I will definitely order more from you.

Pascale Poitras
(June 2014)

This year, with a new garden (we cleared and old large growth of bamboo) space, I've ordered from about 5 different nurseries, and just wanted to let you know I'm most impressed with WFF. The plants have all been vigorious and healthy, and arriving in good condition, which I know is not easy to accomplish. I'm specially delighted with the nicotiana I ordered, these are not easy to find; a long time ago I'd ordered nicotiana from Burpees, but when I looked this year, they were no longer available as plants, seed only, and that took me an internet hunt which led me to WFF. I admire these every day. Thank you.

Next spring or this fall I'd like to order by phone, calling to ask for advice, tell you what I'm trying to achieve and get your recommendations on plants to order, if that is something you do.

Marie Reinsdorf
Falls Church, VA (June 2014)


My father got this yellow tree peony for my mother for their 60th Wedding Anniversary. He planted it per your directions- but didn'n know if they would ever see it bloom. The description in the catalog says it would bloom in 2-3 years. Well it bloomed the first spring, it was in the soil. Not only was there 1 bloom, there were 4 beautiful yellow blooms. It is beautiful, everything they thought it would be! They are so pleased it is part of their beautiful garden!
Thanks so much for the beautiful, healthy stock you send!

Lisa DiChiaria
(May 2014)

Just received my replacement order - I thought it would be a bareroot bull rosa and was unbelievably surprised to find a blooming rose with many blooms on the plant (your photos does absolutely no justice to this beauty.) This rose is right up there with the most beautiful - thank you again.
-You are the best

(May 2014)

The flowers I sent my mother-in-law got the best results of anything I ever sent her - they just blew her away! It really gave her a "Burst of Happiness."

Stephanie K.
Annapolis, MD
(May 2014)

Friends at WFF!

Under Contact Us, you should add another category, this one labeled heartfelt thanks! I know: You are not only the topflight purveyor of plants, but modest as well.

I have been one of your customers since the early 1980s when I began making a garden at my new homeplace. Obviously I am a very contented customer, or I would not have stuck around so long. For the times I have praised WFF to the skies, and introduced other customers to you -- even sent your plants to them as gifts -- I still fell short. No longer.

Before each Christmas, I looked at the lily-of-the-valley kit longingly, but had never ordered it until I received your last Christmas catalog. This time I surrendered, and ordered the lily-of-the-valley pips and soil for myself.

When they arrived, I ignored all other tasks to pot them, and placed them in my little conservatory where they began sprouting within two days. They have been blooming like mad for nearly two weeks, and wafting that beautiful fresh fragrance that speaks so softly of Spring. I can promise you that hereafter, that gift to myself will be at the top of my order. What a joy they are! I love going into the conservatory with a cup of coffee in the pre-dawn hours. It is so peaceful among beautiful, blooming plants. But ever since the lilies-of-the-valley began blooming, that pleasure has been magnified many times over. That I bask in their beauty and fragrance is not a hyped statement.

Having grown Convallaria outside for most of my gardening life, I know they are beautiful, no garden is complete without them. But yours have outbloomed all I have ever grown. Yours are more than holding their own with their companions in the conservatory, orchids, ferns, and a few subtropicals/tropicals such as Neomarica. The lilies-of-the-valley hold center stage just now, and are the first to attract the attention and admiration of visitors.

Thank you for offering such a treasure! You have outdone yourselves.

It will not surprise you that this curious gardener has ordered plants from many other sources. That said, I also tell new and long-time gardeners that for consistency, reliability, value, and plants that live up to the descriptions in your catalogs, White Flower Farm is my number one go to. I cannot remember ever being disappointed with your plants or your service. HEARTFELT thanks to each and all of you! And a Happy New Year!

Barbara Burkett
Shelby, NC
(January 2014)

Dear Sirs,

I can't thank you enough for my two recent hydrangea orders, plants in excellent condition and health and they still look great as the day I received them. I appreciate the effort and time it took to pick out my plants and get them ready to be shipped.

I am so grateful for the outstanding customer service that I This validates why I will only order plants from your company and no one else.

Very respectfully,
George Eliopoulos
(October 2013)

Dear White Flower Farm,

I love my Limoncello bush roses! They started blooming shortly after planting last spring and have been full of blooms ever since. I regularly receive compliments on them. They have tripled in size in one growing season. Thank you for such an outstanding product.
Living in Michigan
(September 2013)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for the beautiful Amaryllis (Royal Velvet) plants I sent to my family and friends for Christmas of 2012. They were all estatic about them, and excited to watch them bloom. What a joy! Keep up the great work!

Margaret DeCicco
(August 2013)

For as long as I can remember, my parents have sent an amaryllis bulb from White Flower Farm to family and friends as a holiday greeting. When my mother passed away two years ago this March, I thought the tradition might possibly pass away with her. Not so. My father easily picked up where she "left off" and continued the beauty of nature's greetings, making the selection as carefully as she did. Always appreciative of nature's aesthetics, and practicality, my mother was charmed by the "surprise" of a forced bulb. Thank you so, so much for bringing me so much meaning and beauty in the form of this amaryllis . . .

Emily Stashower
(December 2012)

I have been ordering from White flower farm for business clients for almost 10 years now. I am in the financial advisory business and appreciate a solid customer service model. kudos to you! Thanks again for all that you do to keep MY clients happy each year. I LOVE getting pictures from clients throughout January, February and even March showing me the progress of their Amaryllis'. A little sunshine in the dark of winter.
Katie Larsen

(December 2012)

We have almost 100 people on our 'corporate holiday gift list.' We've sent 'grow-your-own' amaryllis plants from White Flower Farm for the past two years, and the responses have been positively enthusiastic – even enthusiastically positive, on the order of "Thanks for the beautiful plant."

Sara Kibbey
Benjamin Partners
(December 2012)

The holidays can be stressfull. That's why, for the last 10 years, I've purchased holiday wreaths from White Flower Farms for clients, family and friends. The quality of their wreaths is absolutely the best and never fails to illicit praise for freshness and fragrance.

In addition, the WFF's staff is very professional. It's easy to place orders and you can have confidence they'll be shipped in a timely manner. I highly recommend the WFF products and organization for truly memorable holiday gifts!

Tom Corcoran
(December 2012)

My order arrived yesterday & was packaged beautifully. I can tell a lot of attention goes into each order. When I called to place my order I spoke to a lovely woman who was very knowledgable and seemed interested in helping me select the proper plants for my area. Top notch service with superior quality.
Mrs. Parks
(December 2012)

As you can guess, we are 100% pleased with the humming bird collection & dragon wing begonias. We look forward to doing business with you again next year. Customers George & Marcia Nicholls
Customers George & Marcia Nicholls
(December 2012)

I would like to state how absolutely thrilled I am by the quality of the plants I received from White Flower Farm.
Michel Thomsen
(December 2012)

Thank you so much. I will certainly do business with your company again! I will recommend my friends to order from White Flower Farm also!
Anna Guzman
(December 2012)

I would like to take this time to include a commendation for CS Representative Rena who listened explained sought out the right thing to do and handled all with an interested helpful professional manner. She kept a smile to her tone.
Angelina Baxter
(December 2012)

I appreciate your timely mailing of strong viable plants with planting labels included. You have an impressive selection.
(December 2012)

I wanted to let you know that I received your 2012 Holiday Catalog on Friday and I have to say that of all the years I've been in the Nursery Field/Business it was by far the most Impressive in the overall layout and presentation of the Holiday Gifts you are offering this year. You guys & gals do a "PHENOMENAL JOB" at your presentation, and the uniqueness of your product. Keep up the wonderful work. Have a "GREAT" weekend.
Brad Bowie
(December 2012)

Tree Peony 'Top Brass' grown by Jane Breen   Dear White Flower Farm -
For Christmas, 1996, a wonderful young woman sent us a lovely Green Goddess amaryllis from White Flower Farm. We watched it grow and enjoyed the gorgeous flowers. Then I kept watering the leaves. When summer came, I put the pot out on the porch, and when October came, I cut it back and put it in the cellar. In January, 1997, I brought it upstairs, and started the process over again. I did the same thing in 1998 - and 1999 - and 2000 -
To make a long story short, Green Goddess has been blooming for us each January since 1996. Each year the display gets a little bigger. This year, she sent up 7 blossom stalks and produced a total of 22 blossoms. Attached are 2 photos of her display. We just want you to know how much we have enjoyed her all these years.

Gary and Virginia Slep
Wayland, MA (Jan. 2009)

Oriental Lilies grown by B Jacobsen   Greetings!
I am writing to tell you how very pleased I have been with the pair of Amaryllis Exotic Star in a double Galtang basket that were delivered to me on November 20, 2008 as a birthday gift from my son and family, Brian and Ann Woodworth in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Almost immediately new sprouts began growing on both bulbs, which had been carefully packaged for delivery to my home in upstate South Carolina from your source. Before long it became apparent that three flower stalks were growing rapidly from each bulb, as well as some leaves. On one of the plants, the flower stalks grew to 31" tall by the time the blossoms opened!
We had eagerly anticipated seeing the colors of the blooms and were so excited on December 21, the first day of winter, when one blossom opened to reveal its beautiful red and white pin-striped petals with a greenish throat. As the petals opened, there was a total of three blossoms on that stalk by Christmas Day. We took photos of them to send our son and our dinner guests were so amazed and impressed.
Although the first one began wilting by December 28, the petals of a blossom on another stalk on that same plant were beginning to open and soon revealed four blossom on that stalk. Meanwhile, the flower stalks on the other plant were growing to about two feet tall and developing buds, the first of which began opening its petals soon. At their peak, we had 12 flowers all open at once, with others still coming on. In all we have had 22 flowers bloom and now, January 21, there are still three left blooming.
I want to thank you for producing and carefully sending these healthy and pleasurable plants that have brought such joy to us and our guests over the past month
Sandie Woodworth
Salem, SC

(Jan. 2009)

Tree Peony 'Top Brass' grown by Jane Breen  
I am a born-and-bred Jersey girl and I LOVE my tomatoes, but I had never grown heirlooms before. I enjoyed my first little feast from the garden. Had a ripe Green Zebra, Black Prince and one little Riesentraube.... This was HEAVEN!!! The Riesentraube was the middle-of-the-road flavor in this trio. The Black Prince was crazy sweet and the Green Zebra was nice and tangy! As of this moment, I'm thinking I may want to try growing those again next year. Ah tomatoes. YUMMMMM!!
Carole Dicton - Washington, NJ (Jan. 2009)

Tree Peony 'Top Brass' grown by Jane Breen  
Hello, Thought you might like to see a photo of a peony bush that I bought from White Flower several years ago. It is next to the road and passersby always comment how beautiful it is. I believe it is Top Brass variety. I always look forward to it blooming in the Spring.
You have always sold me top quality plants. I just received your Spring catalog and it is so nice to look at on this 15° morning.
Yours truly,
Jane Breen
(Jan. 2009)

Red Amaryllis grown by Claghorn of PA  

This photo was submitted by Claghorn - Philadelphia, PA
Red Amaryllis

Pink and Red Knock Out Roses grown by Claghorn in PA  

This photo was submitted by Claghorn - Philadelphia, PA
Pink/Red Knockout Roses

Oriental Lilies grown by B Jacobsen  

Having been a customer of long standing and a very satisfied one, I wanted you to see one of my oriental lilies. My friends and I derive much pleasure each year watching it grow! I believe it is American Dream? Too bad I don't have more space for more bulbs!
B Jacobsen


Daylilies grown by JoAnne Trygg of PA  

I am attaching a copy of a photo I took of a part of my garden that was planted with one of your day lily mixtures. It turned out really well, and has gotten many comments from visitors.
JoAnne Trygg, Dillsburg PA
(Nov. 2008)

Oh my - from now on, I'll be telling all "other" paperwhites to sit down and shut up because your ZIVA is the most outstanding "show bulb" I've ever seen. I did both water/rock and the accompanied soil plantings, which reached 28" - what a sight, and a joy to hand out as a party favor for the holiday. I'm hooked. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me look good!!!
Laureen Carter
Valencia, CA
(November 2010)

Amaryllis Alfresco
I have no idea what your record is, but this is amazing: 4 stalks - 12 blooms open - 14 buds not yet open.
Mary Moreton
(January 2010)

Just wanted to say how wonderful the tree was and also the greens this year. The tree was still very fresh when I put it out in the garden and the greens still look good in my window boxes. Great products.
Thank you
Barbara Fusco
(January 2010)

We received a box of honeybells and a box of grapefruit as a gift over the Christmas holiday. I want to tell you how pleased we were with both. The honeybells were so juicey and sweet and plump. The grapefruit were some of the best we have eaten. Please let your grower know they did an excellent job.
Thank you
Laird and Sheryl Sommerville
(January 2010)

Dear White Flower Farm,
This fall I bought two amaryllis bulbs from you through mail-order: 'Novella' and 'Benefica.' I am a professional gardener and have been growing amaryllis for many years. These two varieties are the most beautiful I have ever seen, but to my great surprise they have each sent up three flower stalks! In my experience, this is a first for newly potted amaryllis. Many plant vendors offer 'jumbo' amaryllis bulbs at high prices, but your standard bulbs flower as well or better. I occasionally do copy-writing for your catalogue and website, and I must say it is a true pleasure to be associated, even in such a small way, with a company that offers such high-quality plant material. Thank you!
Tracey A. Putnam Culver
Florence, MA (January 2010)

Thanks......for a beautiful, informational and personal website, for people who go out of their way to help and for a newsletter full of beautiful things that I always look forward to receiving. Please , please, please keep up the great work!
Ellie P.
Erie, PA (October 2009)

Just want to tell you about the great experience I had with your amaryllis. My son sent me an amaryllis for Christmas 2007. It bloomed beautifully. I followed the instructions for after bloom care and when I brought it into the light to prepare it to bloom for Christmas 2008 it already had a blossom on it!! It bloomed beautifully in 2008 and again I followed the after bloom care. I repotted it before I put it out in my garden for summer 2009 as it had completely out grown it's pot. This summer it had three flower stalks with twelve blossoms. It has bloomed for nearly six continuous weeks!!! I told my son about it and he said you better tell WhiteFlower Farm. They might like to know. It is still outside and I'll bring it in before it gets too cold and let it rest as usual. It'll be interesting to see what happens this fall!!. Thank you so much for the great plants.
Lois Shaw
Elkins, NH (September 2009)

Hello: You didn’t specifically ask for feedback on the tomato collection. I have purchased them for a few years now. The plants always arrive happy and stay happy. I purchase the heritage plants and like in particular the bronze/red colored maybe named "dark knight??".
Beverly Klitsch (September 2009)

Dear WFF,
I have been buying and using your catalogue since 1979, and never with a problem or misunderstanding. The plants, when arrived, are in the finest condition, strong, some ready to bloom.
The planting material is fine, and using it has changed my gardening habits completely. The material absorbs water, making it not necessary to miss watering. Now I am growing on an apartment ledge, in big pots, and this could be a watering nightmare. Missing a watering on a 85 degree day can bake the plant, making it useless. Now this material allows me to go out for the day, and not worry about missing a watering.
Their fertilizer is a charm- the first time I used it within 4 days I could see a visible change- the leaves on my begonias were much darker, and heavier. Other plants had bigger flowers, and the plants were all growing faster, but this was the first time I had this much success.
WFF is more expensive than other plant catalogues, and I wish they were not, but the plants are stronger, and better. If you are going to put all the work and expense into gardening anyway, use WFF- there is nothing like them.
and I remain Paul Czubay. (August 2009)

This spring has been a wow. Last spring, 2008, I ordered "The Works" Daffodils for Naturalizing. I received them at just the right time for planting in Southwest Oklahoma. This spring has been amazing. The bulbs have been blooming for more than a month and this is Easter Weekend. I have never seen such beauty and so many varieties. I think every bulb has bloomed, many with multiply blooms, and each bloom has lasted more than a week. This is really something in Oklahoma. We have had more high winds this spring than ever remembered and my blooms have withstood 60 mile per hour winds and still looked pretty. Thank you for the exceptional value. The daffodils have exceeded my expectations and was worth every minute it took to plant 100 bulbs.

Carletta Miller, Anadarko, Oklahoma (April 2009)

I just want to let you know how very pleased I am with the quality of your Amaryllis bulbs. I purchased several bulbs from your company and expected good quality but what I received far exceeded my expectations. The picture I have sent you does not do justice to the beautiful plant but I just wanted you to enjoy it as much as I have. Eight huge flowers towering in a majestic display of beauty. I will certainly order from you again.

Sincerely, Mrs. Tommie Wilson
Brunswick, Georgia (Feb. 2009)

Hope you're dealing well with all this snow................Just wanted to let you know that my amaryllis plants are in bloom for the THIRD year- they are beautiful- the bright orange one (?exotica) and the peach (?apricot)- 2 stems and 4 flowers/stem. I just followed your directions for preserving the bulbs, and what a delight to have this color burst in the dead of winter. Thank you for your wonderful products. By the way, I did buy a few new amaryllises this year- didn't want you to fret that the success of re-growing the bulbs would adversely affect your sales!

Eileen Feldman
snowbound in Framingham, MA (Jan. 2009)

I just wanted to let you know my mother-in-law told me this past Sunday that she is enjoying this Amaryllis Blossom Peacock I had sent to her in December. She allergic to most flowers so it was nice to find something to brighten up winter in New York.
This was the first time using your service and will definitely use it again.
Terri Garlock, Salem, OR (Jan.. 2009)

Dear WhiteFlowerFarm:
My best friend gave me one of your amaryllis (Temptation) for Christmas. She know I adore plants, especially flowers. I have enjoyed every moment of the process, tending and watching and waiting for it to bloom. IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It is like the floral version of the 4th of July on my kitchen table, and it makes me smile every time I look at it! It has 7, count 'em, SEVEN astonishing flowers on it. I happen to be a photographer, and it has been my 'model' for the past three days (and a lot more cooperative and naturally beautiful that most!). I just wanted you to know that although it is now February 5th, your plant is my very favorite Christmas present.
Thank you.
Carol Petersen - Lancaster, PA
P.S. The stupid groundhog saw his stupid shadow and doomed us to 6 more weeks of winter, it has been record-setting low temps the whole month of January, and we have had snow 3 days in a row, but it is SPRINGTIME in my kitchen ;-) (Feb. 2009)

I am a very minor customer of yours, mainly buying gifts for friends. I have always felt very confident of the quality of your products and also confident of good customer service. The only time there has been a problem you fixed it right away without question. In other words, to me you are a quality and reliable vendor.
Well, you blew me away with one of the gifts I purchased this winter-- it was stunning beyond any imagining! I ordered an Apple Blossom amaryllis as a gift. As it happened, I babysat it early in its career as the 2nd stem emerged. The recipient has kept me informed -- "beautiful flowers", "2nd stem has 6 blossoms", etc. But I had no idea!
Today the recipient was leaving town and cut the 2nd stem for me to bring to my house (photo attached). This could be a bridal bouquet all by itself. Incredible! I measured one of the blossoms and it was 8" in diameter. Then she called me to say that as she went to set the pot aside she saw there is a 3rd stem emerging.
I am so pleased with your products (and service) that I felt it was important to let you know all this.
Thank you so much,
M.B. - Oakland, CA (Feb. 2009)
Terrific buy on a great gift for a gardener (Gift Certificate). She will be very happy to pick out plants from your beautiful catalog on a wintery day.
C.B. - Boulder, CO (Feb. 2009)

My favorite garden gift is and has been a gift certificate to White Flower Farms! I get to browse through the catalog over and over and then pick out my favorite items. What could be better than that?
Christine Davis (Jan. 2009)

My favorite gift is not one that I received, it's one that I can give to a very dear friend... It's a gift certificate from your company, one I can trust, to give her a great choice and something she can pick out for herself. ...and each year I've given the certificate, she's been just thrilled with the plant. ...quality counts!
Chris Dems - Richmond, IL

My Favorite gift this year was an amaryllis. It was a White Flower Farm item and was just gorgeous!!! 'Apple Blossom Pink' stood straight and tall like a piece of living sculpture!!!!
Carol Blate - New York, NY

White Flower Farm
I want to say thank you, and tell you how pleased I am.
I live here in the panhandle of Florida and am a native of Mobile, Alabama. (I have been digging in the dirt and planting stuff all of my life.) For more than 25 years I have purchased Amaryllis bulbs each fall so I could have the blooms in my home during the Christmas holidays. I have always purchased bulbs locally... from nurseries, home improvement stores, feed stores, anywhere I happened to find them when it was time to plant. This year, after seeing a few advertisements about White Flower Farms in a couple of magazines, I decided to try ordering a few. Once again, my Grannie's words rang out, "Sweetheart, you get what you pay for." On my goodness, the difference in the blooms from your bulbs and the blooms that came from locally purchased bulbs was literally night and day. I have never had an Amaryllis bloom over and over the way these are doing. Each of the 'Grand Cru' had eight blooms each, and one of them is about to blooms again. The Fantasy has had 12 blooms! I'll never spend another dime on bulbs in a box from a home improvement store.
I have decided to try out some of your plants for my containers this spring.
Thanks again,
Linda Shepard

The replacement Amaryllis you sent early in December is in full bloom with 3 spectacular flowers and 2 more to come. I truly appreciate your good will in replacing the one that didn't bloom last year. My sister, Ruth Lynn of Jacksonville, has sent them to us for years, and more recently her daughter, Barbara Lynn of Fly Creek, NY, has sent them for her. They too know how much we appreciated the replacement.
Louise Jadel - Wilmette, IL

We received an Amaryllis basket as a Christmas gift. Both bulbs are in full bloom and we're so pleased with your quality. This order is for my 95 year old mother in Arizona and I think she'll love it. Not easy to find a gift for her age group!!
MAB - Georgia (Jan. 2009)

Dear Wonderful People,
This year I shipped several of what I call Spring bulb Farms to friends of mine and I have been so happy with their reactions. Several have photographed the flowers as they progressed and sent me the a second life to your wonderful bulbs. (Don't you ever wonder how they remember what color they should decide to be?)
Thanks Again
Keep Smiling
Fritz Phillips (Jan. 2009)

Thank you!
Your stimulating, beautifully composed new catalog arrived 1-2-09. Such a thrilling, elaborate inventory!
Bless you all for your hard work.
R. Crankshaw - Springfield, MO

"You can always count on White Flower Farm for bulbs of the highest quality and variety."
Susan Magary - Litchfield, CT

Our home in Running Springs burned to the ground in last Oct.'s Calif. wildfires. We lost huge pines and almost all vegetation, but the daffodils I ordered from you pushed through the ashes in the spring and bloomed profusely, adding some cheer to an otherwise bleak landscape. These daffodils are for our new home -- I hope they will thrive and bring cheer to another garden next spring.
Kathy Plescher (Oct. 2008)

People, Places, Plants - Spring 2008
Their readers voted us as their Favorite Specialty Nursery, for the 2nd consecutive year.

Dear All,
I can hardly believe the wonderful service you have shown me by sending a new Deer Stopper. The new one works fine. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for being a company with such high integrity, and you may quote me!
Sincerely, Betty Nelson (Nov. 2008)

You are the very best company! I mean it. Thank you so much...and be assured that you are our ONLY company to order plants from.
KM - Lawrenceville, NJ (Nov. 2008)

I have been very pleased with products I've received from White Flower Farm and am proud to send gifts from them.
SL- Mentor on the Lake, OH

Dear friends at White Flower,
I just got an email that the order below has been shipped. Thanks for being so prompt. I am sure my client will be thrilled with the order when it arrives at her home.
I have long been a fan of White Flower Farm. I started shopping with you in the early 1980's when I had a business in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. The quality of your plants and the service has always been exceptional.
I now live in Los Angeles and have a landscaping design business and continue to shop with you whenever possible. Living in Zone 10 - with a micro zone number of 19 - often limits many selections that will grow in this area. When I can offer a client an item that you carry, I know that it will be of the highest quality and will become a unique specimen to the landscape.

Ted Weiant Landscape Design- Los Angeles, CA (Nov. 2008)

I'm not sure to whom I should be sending this suggestion, but I trust that you will please pass it on to the right person. Thanks!

I appreciated your Thanksgiving message, and feel thankful for a high quality company like yours.

In contemplating this uncertain economy, (where people are once more thinking about "re-use, re-cycle", etc. ) I wondered if you might want to include in your writing about amaryllis that they can be the gift that keeps on giving. As you know, with proper care they can live for many many years. (I still have a bulb that was given to me by my father, who has been gone now for 20 years!)

Of course most people will still choose to buy new bulbs every year so they can make sure when the bulbs will bloom (or will want to add new varieties to their collection of spring beauties) but it might be a nice sales incentive to let people know that they can give a gift that can bring beauty to the life of their friends for many years. You might even advertise that with the plant you will send instructions about how people can get their bulb to rebloom the next season. (Of course most people won't go to the trouble to do it.......but it could possibly encourage sales to some folks.)

I have many amaryllis, some of which came from you. Each spring when they start up, I have a "loan an amaryllis" program. As soon as I see that a bulb has a flower starting up, I take it to an elderly friend, or the local nursing home, or to someone who doesn't have garden space or just needs a spring cheer-up. The bulbs bloom beautifully for people all over town. The understanding is that my friends may keep the bulbs (after flowering is finished) if they wish, or the bulbs may be returned to me to nurture in my garden for the summer, and I will give them back to them when ready to bloom again. It's amazing how much excitement an amaryllis can hold for a retirement community of people, who no longer have gardens.

Your amaryllis are so gorgeous.....I hope you sell very many of them!

Wishing you a happy holiday season.

Carole Sullivan - Galena, IL (Nov. 2008)

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