Growing Zamioculcas

Latin Name Pronunciation: zam-ee-oh-kul'-kass

Zamioculcas is a low-maintenance succulent houseplant with easy requirements for care. It can be treated similar to other succulents.

LIGHT: Zamioculcas is very adaptable, and does well in rooms with low light and even fluorescent lighting, but will thrive in bright indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight as this can cause browning of the leaves.

WATERING: Water about every 2-3 weeks allowing the soil to dry out entirely between waterings. The plant has tuber-like roots that retain water. If the potting mix stays wet, the plant's roots can begin to rot. Reduce watering to once monthly in the winter.

TEMPERATURE: Provide room temperatures around 55-80°F.

FERTILIZER: Use a balanced (18-18-18) houseplant fertilizer, such as White Flower Farm's Grow Fertilizer, once or twice a year. Apply in the spring and again in the summer.

REPOTTING: Zamioculcas is very slow growing and will only need repotting about every 2-3 years. At that time, the plant can also be divided.

Please note: All parts of Zamioculcas contain oxalates, which can be toxic. It can irritate the skin or, if ingested, cause tummy trouble. We recommend wearing gloves when repotting or dividing your plant, and keeping Zamioculcas away from young children and pets.