Growing Agave - Century Plant

Latin Name Pronunciation: ah-gah'-vay

A native of deserts and mountains, Agave americana is well adapted to the dry condtions of homes with central heating. Please note: This is a plant to "handle with caution" as both the leaf edges and tips have sharp points.

LIGHT: Provide a bright window with 8 or more hours of direct sun a day.

WATERING: The thick, fleshy leaves of Agave are adapted to store water. During the hot summer months, water when the top 1in of the potting mix is dry to the touch. Reduce watering in the fall, and in winter, watering about once a month is sufficient.

TEMPERATURE: Plants grow best indoors in temperatures of 60–70°F. They are hardy in Zones 8–10 (plant in well-drained soil).

FERTILIZER: Apply a low–nitrogen formula (such as one designed for Cactus) monthly from April through August, when the plant is in active growth. Do not fertilize during the winter months.

CONTINUING CARE: Agave is slow growing. If your plant needs repotting after several years, select a container about 1in wider and use a well–drained potting mix, such as Cactus and Succulent mix.