Growing Cornerstone Astilbe Collection

Latin Name Pronunciation: ah-still'-bee 

A collection of 12 Astilbe plants hardy in Zones 4-8s/10w; covers 27 sq ft; 12 plants: 3 each of a white, a red, and 2 pink varieties; heights. can range from 2' to 3'. Space 18" apart.

Suggested use: For partly shaded garden areas, edges of woodlands.

Culture: Provide a soil that is well drained and rather rich in organic matter; plants like filtered light and evenly damp--not wet--locations; 3-4 hrs sun; planting depth 1"; space 12-18"; pH 6.5-7.0.

Problems: If soil is too dry, plants will suffer; otherwise they have few problems with insects or disease.

Please note: These are not named varieties, but color will be indicated by color-coded tape on the bags.