Growing Cyclamen, Dwarf (Indoor Plant)

Latin Name Pronunciation: sik'-lah-men 

When your Cyclamen arrive, place them in a cool room (one where the temperature doesn't rise much above 65°F) by an east- or west-facing window. Take care not to overwater; soggy potting mix causes the tubers to rot. In early summer, growth stops, the leaves yellow, and the plants eventually go completely dormant. We usually discard our plants at this point, but you can keep them for years of bloom if you drastically reduce the frequency with which you water (to no more than once every 2 weeks) and withhold fertilizer. During dormancy, the pot may appear to contain nothing but potting mix, so you might want to tuck it out of sight, but don't forget to water now and then. If you keep the pot outside, lay it on its side to prevent rain or irrigation water from collecting in it and rotting the tubers. New shoots appear in fall. Repot at this time (if necessary), and resume normal watering and fertilizing.