Growing Exochorda (Pearlbush)

Latin Name Pronunciation: ek-so-kor'duh   

There are 4 species of woodland shrubs in the genus Exochorda, all native to Asia. Pearlbush is grown for its showy display of white buds that open to cup-shaped flowers. Once established, this vigorous shrub tolerates heat and drought. It's an excellent selection for the shrub border.

Light: Plant in sun or partial shade.

Soil: Prefers well-drained, slightly acid soil. Turn a healthy layer of organic matter into the soil before planting.

Watering: Pearlbush prefers moist, well-drained soil.

Pruning: Exochorda blooms on the previous year's growth (known as "old wood"). If you prune your plant before it has bloomed in the spring, you may be removing flower buds. In late winter or early spring, cut away dead stems or stems that were broken over the winter. Wait until after flowering is finished to cut back stems to the strongest buds. If desired, established plants can be rejuvenated by cutting back ⅕ to ⅓ of the oldest stems to the ground.