Growing Cyclamen (Hardy Cyclamen)

Latin Name Pronunciation: sik'-lah-men 

A hardy relative of the florist Cyclamen, this tuberous perennial is a welcome treat for the late winter woodland garden, when it spreads a carpet of shiny green or silver patterned, rounded leaves. Its delicate flowers, with their upswept and pointed petals, come in shades from white to carmine.

Light/Watering: Part shade, preferably under trees or shrubs. Little watering is needed after the plants go dormant in summer.

Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Moderately rich, well-drained soil. Little or no fertilizer is needed.

Temperature: With snow cover and protected from wind, can tolerate severe cold (to Zone 5).

Continuing Care: Easy to grow and self-seeds freely. Protect from damp soil and cold winds during growth. Plants go dormant as trees leaf out and can be lightly mulched with aged compost. In marginally hardy areas, apply winter mulch.