Growing Hepatica nobilis

Latin Name Pronunciation:  heh-pat'-ih-kah

Hepatica is one of those charming early-spring perennials that lifts the spirit and affirms why you garden. H. nobilis var. japonica forms a small, dome-shaped plant with rich green, 3-lobed foliage. Star-like flowers open above the semi-evergreen leaves and seem to reach out for your attention. While pink is the predominant flower color, you'll also find purplish blue to white in the mix. Growing a diminutive 4in tall, this gem deserves a place at the borders edge, along a spring path, or beneath a small tree.

Light/Watering: Grow in partial shade to shade in well-drained soil. Water regularly in spring if the soil becomes dry.

Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Grow in average to rich soil. Will tolerate slightly acidic or slightly alkaline conditions. Mulch annually with leaf mold or compost in autumn or in late spring after flowering.

Pests/Diseases: Young growth may be susceptible to slugs and snails.

Companions: Grow with other woodland or shade loving plants such as Arisaema, Dicentra, Ferns, Heuchera, or Pulmonaria.

Dividing/Transplanting: Divide in spring after flowering. Divisions need ample roots and time to settle into their new location.