Growing Gleditsia (Honeylocust)

Latin Name Pronunciation: gleh-dit'see-uh 

An easy-care tree with a graceful habit, the Honeylocust is popular for planting in lawns and along streets, where its fine-textured, fern-like leaves create light shade and are not bulky to clean up in autumn. The variety Sunburst® ('Suncole') does not produce seed pods and is also thornless.

Light/Watering: Grow in full sun or partial shade (preferred).

Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Average, well-drained soil.

Pests/Diseases: Occasionally bothered by foliage pests such as mites and aphids. Does not thrive in the heat and humidity of the Southeast, and leaves may drop due to sudden temperature changes or drought. Protect from strong winds.

Pruning is minimal—remove dead or broken branches in late winter or early spring. Stake until a good basic branch pattern is established.