Growing Myosotis sylvatica (Forget-me-nots)

Latin Name Pronunciation: my-oh-so' tiss

Hardy from Zones 5-7S/5-8W. Ht 5-12"; plants tend to elongate over the growing season. Dainty clusters of sky-blue florets with a yellow eye appear in May-June. Leaves are small, gray-green. Useful as an edging or ground cover for Tulips or beneath shrubs A nice addition to a small nosegay.

CULTURE: Full sun to part shade and average garden soil. Space 5" apart. Planted in the fall, Forget-me-nots bloom the following spring. Plants seldom need any fertilizing. This biennial/short-lived perennial often dies back by July. Plants tend to self-sow aggressively, but seedlings are easily removed in the fall or the spring.