Growing Veltheimia bracteata

Latin Name Pronunciation: velt-hyme'-ee-uh

The South African Cape hyacinth is not hardy in area with winter frost, but it is a forgiving, lovely houseplant, thriving in medium to low light. Plant with two-thirds of the bulb exposed above the soil. Use any commercial soilless mix and plant 1 bulb per 8-in. pot or 3 bulbs per 12-in. pot. Plants will bloom in winter and early spring. After bloom, cut off the faded flower. Water regularly while leaves are actively growing and fertilize monthly with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. You can summer Veltheimia outdoors in a shady spot, but cut back on watering slightly. Plants may decide to go dormant, in which case withhold water until you start the growing cycle again in the fall. Veltheimias do not need frequent repotting, but eventually they can become quite large.