Abeliophyllum (White Forsythia)

Latin Name Pronunciation: a-bee-lee-o-fye´lum

Willowy, slightly spreading Abeliophyllum reaches 3–5′ in height. In early spring, it produces fragrant, white Forsythia-type flowers. Bring some branches inside in February for earlier bloom. White Flower Farm first introduced this plant to American gardeners in the early 1960's.

CULTURE: Full sun to light shade, average soil; prune out old shoots to maintain vigor. Space 3–4′ apart. Fertilize once in early spring with 10-10-10. Once plants are established, the next year's crop of flowers will be greatly enhanced by removing about one-third of the old wood after the flowering period is over.

GROWTH: Usually flowers within a year or two of planting. The rate of growth varies from slow (12″ or less a year) to fast (25″ or more a year) depending on the situation.

SUGGESTED USE: Plant in a shrub border or fragrance garden. Underplant with Scilla sibirica or species Crocus for a lovely early spring display.

No notable pests or diseases. Blossoms may be nipped by late frosts, so try to site the shrub where late-winter warmth won't encourage it to bloom too early.