Growing Philadelphus (Mock Orange)

Latin Name Pronunciation: fil-uh-del'fuss  

Philadelphus flowers in June with a heady fragrance of orange blossoms that fills the air. Has upright growth that is arching near the top. 

CULTURE: Plant Mock Orange in full sun or part shade and average, well-drained garden soil. Space 6′ apart. Fertilize lightly, once a year only, in early spring, with any good organic fertilizer. Few insect or disease problems.

GROWTH: Fast; 25″ or more a year under good growing conditions.

SUGGESTED USE: Combine with Syringa for a fragrant shrubbery, in mixed borders or any fragrant garden.

PRUNING: When plant matures, cut out at ground level a few of the oldest canes each year in late winter/early spring. To shape it cut back flowered shoots to strong buds, right after bloom.