Growing Pteris (Striped Cretan Brake Fern)

Latin Name Pronunciation: teh'riss

The Striped Cretan Brake Fern (Pteris cretica albolineata) grows well indoors in bright, indirect light to full shade. Avoid direct sun. Keep the potting mix evenly moist and provide humidity (see below for ways to increase humidity around your plant). Old fronds may be cut back at the base.

Humidity. Most houseplants are native to tropical or subtropical regions of the world, where relative humidity is typically very high. They suffer in the dry air produced by furnaces and woodstoves. The best way to increase the humidity around your plants is to run a humidifier nearby. You can also set plants in trays filled with pebbles or gravel. Add water to a level just below the tops of the pebbles (if the potting mix in the pots comes in contact with the water, the mix will draw water into the pot, which will cause the mix to become saturated, eventually leading to rot). Refill trays frequently to replace water lost through evaporation.