Planting Tulips with Forget-me-nots Video


Planting Tulips with Forget-me-nots Video transcript

Hi, I'm Cheryl, head gardener at White Flower Farm. Learning to combine bulbs with plants in the garden can certainly result in some memorable spring garden scenes.

Interplanting late-blooming Tulips with Myosotis sylvatica, also known as Forget-me-nots, is one way to create unforgettable moments in May. Here's how I do it...

First, I find myself established plants of Myosotis sylvatica in the garden to work around. If you don't have Forget-me-nots in your garden yet , fall is a great time to plant them.

Then I randomly place Tulip bulbs between and around the plants. I use late-blooming varieties of Tulips because their bloom time coincides with that of the Myosotis. Today I'm planting the bright orange, lily-flowered Tulip variety, 'Ballerina.' I like the startling contrast that the hot orange Tulip flowers make floating above the frothy sea of cobalt blue Forget-me-nots.

Then using either a standing bulb planter or a trowel, I plant the Tulip bulbs, being careful not to disturb the Myosotis plants.

That's all there is to it. Late-blooming Tulips come in many flower shapes and colors. As gardeners we're lucky to have a nearly infinite pallet from which to choose when we put together combos with Myosotis. Think you're going to create just one combo? Forget about it! The sky's the limit!.