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Deer-Resistant Perennials

Deer-Resistant Perennials

First: the caveat. With the possible exception of spiny Barberries (Berberis) there are no absolutely deer-proof plants. If the herd is large enough, and food is scarce enough, deer have been known to eat almost anything. 

That said, there are plants that are much less palatable to deer, though even these "resistant" varieties are vulnerable in the first few weeks after planting when their leaf tissue is especially nitrogen-rich. If you have a deer problem in your neighborhood, it's a good idea to draw heavily from this list of plants that are rarely browsed. This list was created primarily from research done in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

We've also had good luck with Deer Stopper® spray, available here.

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 Papaver 'Patty's Plum' Papaver 'Patty's Plum' SKU: F35634
From $15.75
 Astilbe Younique Carmine™ Astilbe Younique Carmine™ SKU: F24351
From $12.75
 The Peony Parade Collection The Peony Parade Collection SKU: F83560
From $80.00
 Peony 'Border Charm' - Itoh Peony Peony 'Border Charm' - Itoh Peony SKU: F35399
From $50.00
 Reblooming Iris 'Pink Attraction' Reblooming Iris 'Pink Attraction' SKU: F32301
From $17.00
 Nepeta x faassenii 'Kitten Around' Nepeta x faassenii 'Kitten Around' SKU: F34555
From $16.00
 Reblooming Iris 'Blue Suede Shoes' Reblooming Iris 'Blue Suede Shoes' SKU: F32223
From $17.00
 Peony 'Paul Wild' Peony 'Paul Wild' SKU: F35481
From $20.00
 Reblooming Iris Collection Reblooming Iris Collection SKU: F83246
From $89.00
 Monarda 'Fireball' Monarda 'Fireball' SKU: F34294
From $17.50
 Lamium maculatum Purple Chablis™ Lamium maculatum Purple Chablis™ SKU: F32688
From $16.00
 Chelone lyonii 'Hot Lips' Chelone lyonii 'Hot Lips' SKU: F25904
From $17.75
 Peony 'Butter Bowl' Peony 'Butter Bowl' SKU: F35530
$26.00 $20.80
 Purple Wave Trio Purple Wave Trio SKU: F87321
From $29.00
 Reblooming Iris 'Ziggy' Reblooming Iris 'Ziggy' SKU: F32180
From $17.00
 Peony tenuifolia 'Plena' Peony tenuifolia 'Plena' SKU: F35350
From $89.00
 Papaver orientale 'Snow Goose' Papaver orientale 'Snow Goose' SKU: F35572
$15.75 $12.60
 Peony 'Command Performance' Peony 'Command Performance' SKU: F35531
From $19.00
 Peony 'Myrtle Gentry' Peony 'Myrtle Gentry' SKU: F35398
From $29.00
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