Galium odoratum
Galium odoratum

Galium odoratum

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Sweet Woodruff
Hardiness Zone: 4-8S/9W Exposure: Part Shade to Shade
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Blooms In: May-Jun
Mature Height: 6-7" Spacing: 8-12"
Read our Growing Guide Ships as: 1 PINT 28.86 CU IN.
Fragrance: Yes Deer Resistance: Yes
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Product Details

Product Details

From this broad genus (80 species) of mainly European herbs, one has established itself as a favorite in gardens everywhere. Galium odoratum (Asperula odorata), better known as Sweet Woodruff, can be used for flavoring wine, but its principal value is as an extremely attractive and durable ground cover for shaded areas. It also does well in the crevices of walks or as an edging plant. The soft green leaves are carried in whorls on stems generally 6–7″ tall, and when its small-petaled white flowers appear above this lush carpet in May and June, the effect is enchanting. Sweet Woodruff thrives in practically any soil, except arid desert soil, and can spread aggressively, which is fine in a ground cover, less appealing in the border.

For information on the growing and care of Gallium, click Growing Guide.




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Very Root Bound

My 3 Galium arrived extremely root bound - to the extent that 50-75% of the roots had fully encircled the plant. I did my best to untangle everything and spread the roots out, but it took some tugging. We'll see how they fare this spring... Galium is tough, so I'm hopeful they weren't a waste of time and money.

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Issues with quality

I ordered 6 of these, and received 3 in great shape and with a few flowers, and 3 in poor shape, yellowish and dried out. They were all in the same package so I cannot imagine that this would be due to shipping conditions. I planted all 6, and 3 weeks later they are all still alive although I can still tell which are which. A little disappointing, but I hope they will recover.

21 of 23 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no  Certified buyer

I love these!

I planted a few of these several years ago, and they have been spreading for a few years now. I was just out in my side garden (it's March) and saw them spreading about 8 or 10 feet from where I initially planted them. Yay! Can't wait to see how they come up and fill in over the next few weeks and months.

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Wish I had ordered more!
I have never purchased plants from a mail-order or on-line company. I was leery... so I only ordered three. Boy, do I wish I had ordered a dozen! These plants arrived in such incredible shape that I cannot believe they have been on a "mail-hike!" They are in the ground and have not even slumped like they are in any stress. I cannot wait until spring to see what they do! It is awfully HOT here in Texas!
White Flower Farm is wonderful to work with. When I discovered that I was going to be on travel during the time of my original shipping date, they promptly shuffled my shipment to work around my travel. I will sing their praises for a LONG TIME!

108 of 112 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no

Favorite Plant

This is my absolutely favorite plant! The first time I discovered it I was browsing in a nursery and I thought "What is that wonderful smell?" I picked up the Sweet Woodruff next to me and have fallen in love with it ever since. The smell is a combination of mowed grass, cinnamon and vanilla--more fragrant during certain conditions. I have planted mine as ground cover for my roses and along my walkway and porch where I can enjoy the fragrance. The care instructions say shade but mine has done better with about 6 hours of sun. Of course, the roses provide some shade. Take care when watering as the leaves can get sunburned fairly easily. In general I've found the plant to be pretty forgiving. The shop where I first purchased this is no longer in business and this plant is very hard to find it so I'm very grateful that White Farm has it.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: gay'lee-um  

Plant in partial shade or shade. Galium is happiest in average garden soil, but plants also get by in damp soil and will spread aggressively if conditions suit it. If slugs and snails chew holes in leaves, set out shallow bowls of beer to keep the population in check, or put down diatomaceous earth (available at many garden centers). In the South, plants may "mug off" in summer but generally reappear and bloom in spring.

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