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About Us

Who We Are and What We Do
White Flower Farm is a family-owned nursery located in Litchfield, Connecticut. Since 1950, we have offered a wide range of annuals, perennials, shrubs, bulbs, houseplants, and gifts to gardeners throughout the United States. Our offering reflects the fruits of a continuous and wide-ranging effort to gather the best ornamental plants from around the world, and we have been proud to introduce many excellent new varieties to American gardeners.

The vast majority of the plants we offer are grown in our own fields and greenhouses, and bulbs are purchased under long-term contracts from several fine growers, then handpicked in our facilities. These traditional practices ensure that our products meet the strictest standards of quality and permit us to guarantee delivery at the time that is best for the plants and our customers. While these rigorous standards are appreciated by experienced gardeners, they are most valuable to beginners, for whom a sickly plant represents an almost certain disappointment. Accordingly, we are quite comfortable in representing our plants as every bit the equal of, and frequently superior to, the potted specimens available at local garden centers.

What and How We Deliver
The majority of plants we offer are grown in our own fields and greenhouses. This, plus many years of experience, allows us to deliver stock that is in prime condition at precisely the right time for planting where you live. You will receive fresh, vigorous plants and bulbs prepared with care for transplanting, not pot-bound relics trucked in from southern wholesalers, or barely-rooted cuttings.

PLANTS—We grow most of the plants we sell and bring them carefully to the ideal size and age for transplanting. Some are shipped in pots, others are dug and cleaned (we call them “bareroot”), and still others are bulbs that are easily bagged or boxed. In every case, our first concern is to ensure that the plant will catch hold quickly and easily in its new home, providing bloom in its first year when possible. Please note that the size and condition of the plants we offer vary considerably by variety. Some are large and sturdy, while others show only tender roots. Many are delivered in full leaf, others still dormant. These differences reflect our long experience, and you may be assured that your selections will perform splendidly in your garden.

PACKAGING—We employ packing methods that are superb, though costly, and plants seldom have trouble in transit. The materials we use include cardboard, recycled newsprint and magazine paper, plastic bags, and sphagnum moss, combined in ways that are ingenious and effective.

DELIVERY—Our northern location allows us to deliver at the right time for planting throughout the country by matching the progress of the season, and orders are often delivered in more than one shipment according to the requirements of the plants. We employ a sophisticated computer model, current weather data from the Internet, and some common sense in scheduling our shipments and seldom go far wrong. Because the plants are well prepared for delivery, they are easily held over to avoid a patch of severe weather.

INFORMATION—Every shipment includes a detailed list of its contents. (Please note that your order may arrive in more than one shipment.) In addition, we provide detailed, clearly written cultural instructions and preprinted plant labels with summary planting information.

PEOPLE—Our Customer Service Department is staffed mostly by gardeners, and it's unusual to receive a question that one of them cannot handle. If you cannot find the answer to your gardening question on our site, you may call for horticultural advice at (860) 482-8915 between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

Please be advised that your order will be handled with the intelligence and care you would expect from people who have spent their lives in horticulture. Despite the misgivings you may feel about buying through the mail, we are committed to your success and will not disappoint you.

OUR GUARANTEE—We guarantee to ship plants that are true to name and in prime condition for growing, to deliver them at the right time for planting, and to provide clear and reliable information regarding the proper use and care of every item offered. We expect that you will plant them promptly in an appropriate site, paying attention to the culture advice we provide. If our plants get proper care but do not grow, we will cheerfully refund or replace any item that fails to meet your expectations. Please note that losses due to extreme weather or neglect must be your responsibility. Notify our Customer Service Department immediately if you find a problem upon receipt of your shipment.

OUR STORE—Here at the nursery, which is three miles south of Litchfield, Connecticut, on Route 63, we have a retail store and display gardens that feature many of the plants we offer. Our store staff is knowledgeable and courteous and is happy to assist with your selections. Please note that varieties, sizes and prices of the plants at the Store may vary from those in the catalogue or on our Web site. For more information about the store, please click here. The Store is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily from early April to late October.

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