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We are word people, having cut our teeth on Strunk and White, but we are familiar with the aphorism about pictures. We also know that it's no fun reading long blocks of text on a screen, even if they offer information that is timely and useful. At our nursery, we are engaged daily in practically every known form of gardening. So we put two and two together, bought a camera, and went into the video business. As the year progresses, we'll film all over the farm while seedlings get transplanted, Wisterias get pruned, Dahlias get potted, Begonias get staked...
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White Flower Farm Online Video Library
To view each video, click on the link below. Once the video appears, click on the arrow to begin playing. You can adjust the volume by clicking on the sound icon.

Welcome to White Flower Farm

Welcome to White Flower Farm
(2:53 minutes)

Meet Barb Pierson, nursery manager, and learn about the renowned mail-order company that’s been in business since 1950...

All About Dahlias
(6:00 minutes)

Dahlias are members of the Daisy family and native to Central America...

Amaryllis -- White Flower Farm Difference (1:25 minutes)

We purchase premium-size Amaryllis bulbs from the finest Dutch growers. Each top-quality bulb is cured...


Bareroot: Plants without Pots (2:00 minutes)

We grow most of the plants we sell and bring them carefully to the ideal size and age for transplanting...

Collecting Hollyhock Seeds
(2:14 minutes)

Fine Gardening magazine collaborated with White Flower Farm on a series of videos about propagating plants from seed...
  Dividing Dahlias
(6:03 minutes)

Dahlias provide dazzling blooms in mid- to late summer and are easily grown in full sun and average, evenly...

Gardening Inspirations
(4:35 minutes)

Join Nursery Manager Barb Pierson on a tour of the masterful, expressive gardens of Mrs. Chrissie D'Esopo in...
  Gardening with Raised Beds
(1:55 minutes)

For many situations, a raised garden makes sense. If your soil is compacted or rocky or contains a lot...

Growing Amaryllis in Water
(1:07 minutes)

Amaryllis bulbs are prized for their willingness to produce large and colorful blooms indoors in the dead of winter...
  Growing Tomatoes in a Container (5:00 minutes)

If you have an area that receives at least 6-8 hours of sun a day during the summer, such as a patio, deck, or small backyard, you can...
How to Grow Citrus Plants
(5:44 minutes)

Citrus, such as Meyer Lemon, Calamondin Orange, Lime Leaf (Kaffir Lime), and Key Lime, are not difficult to grow...
  How to Grow Clivia Plants
(1:25 minutes)

Clivia miniata is both beautiful and indestructible and are so easy to grow. They thrive even in a north window and require very little care
How to Grow Jasmine Indoors
(3:39 minutes)

One of the hallmarks of the White Flower Farm Holiday Gifts catalogue, Winter Jasmine will fill a room with its light, sweet fragrance...
  How to Grow Lavender
'Goodwin Creek Grey'
(3:05 minutes)

Not all Lavenders are easy to grow indoors as houseplants, but the variety 'Goodwin Creek Grey' will thrive...
How to Grow Roses
(5:49 minutes)

Nursery manager Barb Pierson grew up with Roses and says their care doesn't need to be complicated. She distills all the basics for you...
  How to Grow Tuberous Begonias (3:00 minutes)

Tuberous Begonias offer spectacular flowers in a wide range of colors over an exceptionally long season, and do this in shade...

How to Plant a Strawberry Jar
(6:06 minutes)

Terra-cotta jars with multiple openings for plants have been around for years and are commonly called Strawberry jars. They are...
  How to Pot and Care for
(1:51 minutes)

Amaryllis bulbs are prized for their willingness to produce large and colorful blooms indoors in the dead of winter...

Jasmine: Fragrance Beyond Description (4:31 minutes)

David Smith was one of White Flower Farm’s first employees and director of horticulture
from 1954–1990...
  Naturalizing "The Works" Daffodil Mix (1:42 minutes)

The large, bright blooms of Daffodils are synonymous with spring and large sweeps spread across...

Paperwhite Bulbs for Indoor Fragrance (4:47 minutes)

The all-time favorite bulb for forcing, Paperwhite Narcissus are easily grown indoors during...
  Plant the Hummingbird Annual Collection (3:09 minutes)

Add a welcoming note to an entryway or dazzling color to a deck with annual containers...

Planting Perennials in the Fall
(2:45 minutes)

In many parts of the country, there's still time to add perennials, shrubs, and trees to your garden...
  Planting Your Bareroot Peonie Planting Your Bareroot Peony
(4:16 minutes)

Herbaceous Peonies will live for decades, even generations, so it makes sense to give your bareroot plant a...

Propagating Plants from Cuttings
(6:35 minutes)

The propagation department at White Flower Farm creates plants for our catalogs and store in a number...
  Seed Starting
(2:05 minutes)

Busy gardeners can have the pleasure of enjoying many different varieties of heirloom and hybrid Tomatoes...

Sowing Seeds
(2:47 minutes)

During the summer of 2007, we began a media collaboration with our neighbor down the street...

Tabletop Trees from White Flower Farm
(2:58 minutes)

Learn how to take care of Tabletop Trees from White Flower Farm's Nursery Manager...

Vegetable Gardening from White Flower Farm, Part I
(5:40 minutes)

In 2009, nursery manager Barb Pierson designed a vegetable garden for White Flower Farm, choosing a...
Vegetable Gardening from White Flower Farm, Part II
(3:41 minutes)

When the spring weather has settled and all danger of frost has passed...
Vegetable Gardening from White Flower Farm, Part III
(4:08 minutes)

It's July and the harvest is underway in our Kitchen Garden, which was planted in mid-May. Each quadrant...
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