Impatiens walleriana 'Variegata'
Impatiens walleriana 'Variegata'

Impatiens walleriana 'Variegata'

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Impatiens
Hardiness Zone: Annual Exposure: Part Shade
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Blooms In: Jun-Sep
Mature Height: 18-24" Spacing: 12"
Read our Growing Guide Ships as: 1 PINT 28.86 CU IN.
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Product Details

Product Details

A popular heirloom with soft magenta flowers, Impatiens walleriana 'Variegata' worked beautifully last summer in our shade garden. The white-edged, slate-green foliage harmonized well with the Hosta and Ferns while adding a subtle spot of color.

Impatiens is a wide-spread and sizable genus (more than 800 species) of annuals and perennials with juicy and almost succulent stems. They are found in tropical and warm regions of the world. You may know one of our native species of moist areas, the orange jewel weed (Impatiens capensis).

For more information on growing Impatiens, click Growing Guide.




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Season Favorite

Beautiful leaves and flowers for my shade deck. Looks exactly like the photo. Arrived so small and one a little puny so I’m amazed what a gorgeous star it has become. Unusual for impatience sold at our local nurseries so I’m going to order this next year again because it’s my favorite plant of this summer!

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I wanted to order these for several years. This year I finally ordered them. I’m totally Impressed. Not only do I love the soft variegated leaves and rich pink flowers, but the vigor and size of the plants are amazing. They are far superior to any impatience sold at big box stores or local garden shops. Shipping packaging was so well engineered. The plants were in perfect condition upon arrival. I plan to order more for next season.

9 of 9 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no  Certified buyer

My worst ever White Farm experience

I ordered 3 plants that I received yesterday. I now have three plants that are mostly spikes without any leaves, although there were a few wilted leaves barely holding on two of the three, and there were wilted leaves in the box that had been shipped in the 90 degree humid weather.

17 of 22 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no  Certified buyer

Truly Impressive

The vigor of this plant was unbelievable. It came out of the box big, and got really big in a hurry. I planted 3 of these in varying degrees of sun/shade and moistness. They are all doing great. The one in the shade took off and grew fastest initially. The one in the sunniest (a good 6+ hours of morning and early noon sun) took longer to establish but has caught up now and is more floriferous than the one in the shade (not unexpected). Huge thick succulent stems. Is doing better than the sun patiens planted next to it.

32 of 32 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no  Certified buyer

I'm Thrilled to Get This Plant Back!

Had this plant for 40+ years but lost it two years ago; made 200+ cuttings during the winter to make a bold statement in my shady front yard; absolutely thrilled to find a source for this magnificent plant.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: im-pay'she-enz  

SUGGESTED USE: Summer bedding plants or in containers and windowboxes.

CULTURE: Partial shade. Good potting soil or soil rich in organic matter. Keep soil evenly moist. In containers, fertilize every other week with a water-soluble house plant fertilizer. Can be brought indoors in winter in cold climates, and kept in a sunny window.

PESTS: Few problems with insects or diseases when grown outdoors. Indoors, aphids or whitefly may be a problem.


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