Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Queen'
Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Queen'

Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Queen'

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Common Name: Purple Spiderwort
Hardiness Zone: Annual Exposure: Sun
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Blooms In: Aug-Oct
Mature Height: 12-18" Spacing: 18"
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Product Details

This genus contains a number of widely grown perennials but also a tender species, Tradescantia pallida; our selection is called 'Purple Queen.' Its primary virtues are handsome foliage and an eagerness to colonize its immediate neighborhood by sending out leafy stems that root where they touch ground, quickly forming a lush mat. The plant offers blade-shaped leaves in a standout shade of gleaming deep purple that meander around companions in containers, garden beds, and window boxes, adding eye-catching contrast. Small, tri-colored pink blooms come and go quickly throughout the summer, but you’ll want this superb mixer for its distinctive foliage form and color. Try Coleus, Strobilanthes (Persian Shield), Artemisia, or Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine) to start. Full sun gets the most growth and the best color.

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Pleasing Purple

The purple leaves of this beautiful plant are a perfect foil for my petunias with purple and yellow flowers. I hope to take it indoors for the winter under grow lights and replant next year.

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Beloved Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Queen'

My Mom had given me several cuttings at my house in SC where it was a perennial groundcover and I missed it when I moved to the Buffalo area. The variegated green and purple coloration of the plant glows in the sun and the tiny pink flowers are a bonus. It's similar to a succulent that roots easily. After a long online search, I'm so happy to find actual rooted plants from White Flower Farm.
I put one section in a protected sunny spot in a border to see how it does and the rest in a with a spider plant and a begonia in a hanging basket. I'll over-winter it indoors. I was very concerned about the delayed shipping through Fed Ex but my tradescantia arrived healthy and beginning to bloom! Thank you so much!

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tradescantia pallida purple queen

This plant is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. My sister gave this plant to me over 40 years ago. She is no longer with us , but the plant is... I will always treasure this purple queen plant aka Tradescantia pallida... Who ever purchases this plant from WHITE FLOWER FARM, you will be VERY HAPPY with it as I am..

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Summer out, winter in, always good

In SW Michigan (z6b): I overwinter this as a houseplant, then put cuttings (rooted or not) in my south-facing planter box. The site gets warm, but this stuff increases well, and spills over the edge. Looks good with whites and hot pinks. If the cats rampage through it, the succulent stems break, but I push the pieces in the soil and most root again. It's not as breakable as, say, impatiens. As a houseplant, it likes sun but survives in a north window. In last year's mild winter, a few bits survived outside, close to the house.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: tra-des-kan'tee-uh

Vigorous and all but carefree in full sun or partial shade (partial shade is a requirement in the West). Tradescantia grows in almost any kind of soil, from damp to dry, but evenly moist soil is required in the dry areas of the South and West.

Plants may look tired by midsummer. If cut back almost to the ground, they will soon produce a fresh crop of foliage and may bloom again in the fall. In the Deep South, plants may go dormant in summer, resuming growth in winter.