'Black Coral' Snake Plant
'Black Coral' Snake Plant

'Black Coral' Snake Plant

Quick Facts
Common Name: Snake Plant
Hardiness Zone: 1-13S/W Exposure: Houseplants - Bright Indirect Light
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Mature Height: 36”
Read our Growing Guide Ships as: NURSERY POT AND CACHEPOT
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a big plant like the picture

I bought the black Coral Snake in wildwood cachepot. The plant is bigger than I expect, so is the ceramic pot. the color of the pot matches perfectly with the dark green color of the snake plant. My snake has a lot of stem leaves. I am wondering how tall they will grow...

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In defense of WFF

The plant from WFF is beautiful and healthy.. I have purchased a Sansevieria, (aka snake plant or mother-in-law tongue) from lowes and other cheaper places and they simply do not compare in quality. By the time you get the beat up and bug eaten leaves removed there isn't much left of the plant. They simply do not take the care in the growers that they purchase from or in shipping that WFF does The description is- Mature size 30 inches.. Part of the fun of having plants is to watch them grow and eventually split and repot to share. My plants tallest spike is 23 inches.. any taller the that and they get very difficult to ship and from my experience difficult to split when it's time. I know that this plant will get taller given the proper lighting conditions. Yes the plants from WFF are more expensive but they only sell the healthiest and in best condition plants. I never have to worry that the plants I get from them are going to bring other pathogens or insects into my house to infect my other house plants. Good job WFF. I always get top quality plants ad bulbs from you.

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Big Box, Small Plant

I always wanted a snake plant (sansevieria) with nice tall spikes. I went to the Home Depot in Rockland, Massachusetts and they were selling snake plants in white ceramic pots for $24.98. The spikes on the plants did not look that tall, so I grabbed a tape measure and actually measured the tallest spike that I could find and it was only 24 inches. I really preferred something taller so, based on a friend's advice, I took a look at White Flower Farm. They were selling a snake plant in a white ceramic pot for $79. I thought this was a very high price, especially when I had to tack on $30 for shipping. However, when I read their on-line description, White Flower Farm stated that the plant would be 30 inches tall. Against my better judgment, I shelled out the $109 for the plant plus shipping. When the plant arrived, it was in a very tall box. I was quite excited and couldn't wait to look at my new snake plant. I rushed to open the large box and I was shocked to see what was inside. It was a snake plant that looked quite small. I took out a tape measure and the tallest spike was 22 inches! I just couldn't believe that I had paid $109 for a plant with shorter spikes than the Home Depot snake plant at $24.98. I have to say that the snake plant from White Flower Farm looked healthy, was packed well, and arrived without any noticeable damage. However, all in all, I would have to describe my first experience with White Flower Farm as a total disappointment.

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Not as advertised.

The tallest leaf spike is 22 inches. I bought this mail order b/c it was described as 30 inches. I should have bought from the local garden center b/c their black coral snake plants are taller.
Response from White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm, One year ago (11/02/19 11:14AM)

I am sorry you are not pleased with the overall size of this plant. As all of our products are guaranteed for full satisfaction, I will be contacting you via email regarding compensation.

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First, the dilemma: spend $59 for a snake plant? and almost $20 for shipping? Second, the decision:OK, Merry Christmas to me. Third, the results: Total satisfaction. The plant arrived on the warmest CT December day, but even had its own little heat blanket. (Awww). The box/packaging was carefully protective, so there was no damage, not even a bent leaf (spear?) or basket. And the plant itself is healthy, in perfect shape AND large, as described.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: san-suh-veer'-ee-uh 

Snake Plant (Sansevieria) may appear exotic and difficult to grow, but it has very easy requirements for care.

LIGHT: Provide your plant with bright, indirect light.

WATERING: Water about every 3 weeks. If the potting mix stays wet, the plant's roots can begin to rot. Plants require less water during the winter months when they are not actively growing.

TEMPERATURE: Provide room temperatures around 55-80°F.

FERTILIZER: When plants are in active growth from spring through summer, use a balanced (20-20-20) houseplant fertilizer monthly, diluted to half strength.


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