Growing Buddleia


Growing Buddleia transcript

I'm next to a variety of Buddleia davidii called Inspired™ Violet… Buddleias are deciduous shrubs that are native to China.

Buddleia height can range from 3 to 12’, depending on the cultivar. Its foliage most often has a silver tinge, and is sometimes variegated. Panicles of flowers may be purple, pink, yellow or white, and often have a honey or fruity scent.

If you live in a northern climate, it's best to plant your Buddliea in the spring or early summer. They are rarely bothered by deer and they thrive in full sun – so don't cheat here or your Butterfly Bush will become weedy and sparse! Also, don't plant your Buddleia in an area where you dump snow when shoveling – cold, wet winters can be very tough on Butterfly Bushes. For the same reason, never prune your Butterfly Bush in the fall.  Remember that Butterfly Bush are late to break in the spring.   You're going to prune to where you see the new growth emerging.  But don't be afraid to use a saw for large, established plants.

From midsummer until frost, Butterfly Bush earns its name, you'll be surprise at how many types of butterflies you'll see.

Deadhead spent flower spikes for the longest and best bloom.

For a butterfly garden, pair your Butterfly Bush with plants that enjoy the same growing conditions and will provide a food source for caterpillars, such as Milkweed, Fennel, Dill, Baptisia, Asters and the shrubs Ninebark or Willow. 

It should be said that in some parts of the country, many varieties of Butterfly Bush can naturalize and become invasive. In these areas, states have approved the sale of certain sterile or hybrid varieties. 

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