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Containers & Pottery

Containers & Pottery

Do you need patio pots or handcrafted pottery to dress up your front porch? Are you looking for a few stylish yet serviceable containers for indoor plants? Maybe what you need is a self-watering planter to keep your Tomatoes going when you’re away. We offer a broad range of containers and pottery that are designed for a variety of uses. To help you find exactly what you need, we’ve organized them here by category. Scroll below to click on individual categories. To shop our complete selection of pots, simply click here.

All Containers & Pottery All Containers & Pottery We offer a wide range of containers for use indoors and out. Read more
New Containers & Pottery New Containers & Pottery We assembled our new indoor and outdoor containers here for you. Read more
Cretan Garden Pottery Cretan Garden Pottery Created for us on the island of Crete. Read more
Seibert & Rice Terra-Cotta Pottery Seibert & Rice Terra-Cotta Pottery We are very pleased to be one of the few direct-to-consumer sellers of an exceptional line of pots. Read more
Outdoor Containers Outdoor Containers Containers designed for outdoor use serve a wide variety of purposes. Read more
Lightweight Garden Planters Lightweight Garden Planters Gorgeous functional garden planters don’t have to be heavy or unwieldy. Read more
Lightweight Lavastone Planters Lightweight Lavastone Planters Created from a volcanic ash compound called lavastone. Read more
Featured Items
 Little Rosette Pot Little Rosette Pot SKU: F59070
 The Winter's Tale Pot The Winter's Tale Pot SKU: S59538
 RHS Foxglove Flowerpot RHS Foxglove Flowerpot SKU: S59539
 Romeo and Juliet Pot Romeo and Juliet Pot SKU: S59537
 Windrush Iris Pot Windrush Iris Pot SKU: S59545
 Tiny Fritillary Pot Tiny Fritillary Pot SKU: S59543
 Wrenthorpe Pancheon Wrenthorpe Pancheon SKU: X59082
 Milano Urn Milano Urn SKU: S58731
 Brampton Planter Brampton Planter SKU: S58738
 Ashburn Pot Ashburn Pot
From $59.00
 Milano Classic Planter Milano Classic Planter SKU: S58728
 Teak bowls Teak bowls
From $48.00
 Albani Planter Albani Planter
From $129.00
 Sicilian Lemon Pot Sicilian Lemon Pot SKU: F59517
 Milano Planter Box Milano Planter Box SKU: S58730
 Basket Barrel Pot Basket Barrel Pot SKU: F59518
 Armscote Bee Pot, medium Armscote Bee Pot, medium SKU: F59521
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