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Customer-Favorites for Fall Planting

Customer-Favorites for Fall Planting

These customer-favorite plants and bulbs for fall have all received rave reviews and top ratings from gardeners like you. Even though we trial many plants, bulbs, trees, shrubs and vines at our nursery and gardens, we rely on customer reviews to tell us how different plants thrive in different conditions. Therefore we watch customer reviews very carefully, and nearly every batch of reviews we receive has something to teach us.

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 Lamium maculatum 'Pink Pewter' Lamium maculatum 'Pink Pewter' SKU: F32687
From $15.00
 Tulip 'Violet Beauty' Tulip 'Violet Beauty' SKU: F251912
$14.00 $11.20
 Phlox 'Fashionably Early Flamingo' Phlox 'Fashionably Early Flamingo' SKU: F36032
From $17.00
 Clematis Comtesse de Bouchaud Clematis Comtesse de Bouchaud SKU: F26598
From $19.00
 Galanthus 'S. Arnott' Galanthus 'S. Arnott' SKU: F270527
$34.00 $27.20
 Peony 'Paula Fay' Peony 'Paula Fay' SKU: F35470
$14.00 $11.20
 Narcissus 'Ferris Wheel' Narcissus 'Ferris Wheel' SKU: F140746
$19.00 $15.20
 Narcissus 'Pink Charm' Narcissus 'Pink Charm' SKU: F124521
$19.00 $15.20
 Peony 'Doctor Alexander Fleming' Peony 'Doctor Alexander Fleming' SKU: F35422
$14.00 $11.20
 Helleborus Honeymoon® 'Rio Carnival' Helleborus Honeymoon® 'Rio Carnival' SKU: F30715
$25.00 $20.00
 Narcissus 'Sunlight Sensation' Narcissus 'Sunlight Sensation' SKU: F113102
$19.00 $15.20
 Narcissus 'Ambon' Narcissus 'Ambon' SKU: F111610
$17.00 $13.60
 Tulip 'Giant Orange Sunrise' Tulip 'Giant Orange Sunrise' SKU: F211805
$20.00 $16.00
 Narcissus 'Wild Carnival' Narcissus 'Wild Carnival' SKU: F111637
From $17.00
 Diervilla Kodiak® Orange Diervilla Kodiak® Orange SKU: F61652
From $32.00
 Rose Brindabella Purple Prince™ Rose Brindabella Purple Prince™ SKU: F66665
From $32.00
 Tulip 'Prins Claus' Tulip 'Prins Claus' SKU: F210155
$14.00 $11.20
 Sempervivum 'Purple Passion' Sempervivum 'Purple Passion' SKU: F38275
$19.00 $15.20
 Peony 'Cora Stubbs' Peony 'Cora Stubbs' SKU: F35401
From $24.00
 Peony 'Buckeye Belle' Peony 'Buckeye Belle' SKU: F35406
From $20.00
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