Growing Adonis (Adonis)

Latin Name Pronunciation: a-do'niss 

An Old World genus in the Buttercup family (Ranunculaceae) that includes both perennials and annuals. The Asiatic species, such as the Amur Adonis (Adonis amurensis), grow in shady woodlands, while the European species prefer open, rocky sites. The large, Anemone-like flowers of Adonis amurensis appear in late winter or early spring along with Snowdrops and the Species Crocus. The yellow blooms continue for several weeks, followed by lacy, Fern-like foliage on stems that gradually lengthen to about 12in.

Light/Watering: The Amur Adonis prefers good drainage in shady woodland gardens.

Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Humus-rich, cool, moist, light, acid soil.

Pests/Diseases: Some damage from slugs may occur.

Companions: Snowdrops and Species Crocus

Dividing/Transplanting: Adonis plants can be divided after flowering or in early fall.

Calendar of Care

Summer: Adonis amurensis goes entirely dormant by early summer, so it's advisable to mark the spot where it lives to avoid damage to the flower buds, which form in early fall.