Growing Doronicum (Leopard's bane)

Latin Name Pronunciation:  door-on'-ih-kum

These cheerful, spring-blooming, deciduous perennials grow from rhizomes or tubers and are good companions for the later blooming spring bulbs. Yellow, daisy-like flowers, either single or in clusters, stand above a cushion of toothed leaves with heart-shaped bases. Heights range from 6in to 4ft. The plants, which die back after spring flowering, may rebloom in fall.

Light/Watering: Dappled shade is preferred; avoid afternoon sun in hot regions. Needs regular moisture and cannot tolerate drought. Water thoroughly after planting, and give a new plant a good soaking once a week when rainfall is less than 1in per week.

Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Well-drained soil, moist but not soggy and preferably sandy. We recommend against fertilizing at planting time and during the first growing season in your garden. Plants need time to settle in before being pushed to grow. Most established plants grow best if fertilized with a light hand. We fertilize perennials just once -- in early spring -- with a light but even coverage of a balanced, granular fertilizer (such 10-10-10 or an organic fertilizer). If a concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer is used, please follow the manufacturers' recommendations carefully.

Continuing Care: An easy, non-invasive plant. Divide when dormant. Deadheading spring flowers encourages fall flowering.