How to Grow Plants by Type

We've organized our growing guides into helpful categories to get you started with your new plants. Specific growing instructions for your exact plant are available in our Planting Guide.

An annual is a plant which completes its life cycle within one growing season. It produces flowers and seeds within one year, and must be resown each year. Some annuals self-sow (that is their seeds survive the winter in the ground and sprout the following season).


A perennial is a plant which has a life cycle of 3 or more seasons. Perennials can be evergreen or deciduous. In zones where perennials are hardy, they can survive the winter. Leaves of deciduous perennials fall in winter and sprout in the following season.

Planting Guide

The term shrub is applied to those plants whose aboveground growth is woody but whose stature does not qualify them as trees.

How to grow shrubs

A flower bulb is an underground storehouse and flower factory. Within the bulb is just about everything the plant will need to sprout and flower at the appropriate time.

How to Plant and Grow Bulbs

Vines & Climbers
The world of climbing plants divides into two categories: those that will climb on their own and those that need human intervention to direct them upward. The shared virtue of the group is its ability to provide vertical accents and elevated beauty both in the garden and on a wide range of man-made structures.

How to grow vines and climbers

Kitchen Garden
One of life’s great pleasures is tending a garden that provides a blend of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The sights, sounds, smells, and mood are different every day and every hour, making this the most satisfying place imaginable to spend a quiet spell after (or before) a busy day.

How to grow kitchen garden plants

Our selection of choice and unusual houseplants reflects years of experience and is guaranteed to please. Most houseplants prefer bright light with some direct sun.

How to grow houseplants

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