Growing Primula obconica (German Primrose, Houseplant)

Latin Name Pronunciation: prim'-yew-lah

German Primrose is a reliable bloomer requiring only the most basic care to provide a long-running show of color indoors.

LIGHT: German Primroses need bright but indirect light. Do not place them in direct sunlight.

WATERING: Water thoroughly when the surface of the soil mix is dry to the touch.

TEMPERATURE: Plants grow best at a temperature between 55–70°F. The blooms last longer at the cooler end of this range.

FERTILIZER: None required, but if desired, use a balanced (20-20-20) fertilizer designed for houseplants, diluted to ½ strength, twice a month when watering.

Please note: German Primrose is best treated as a seasonal plant and discarded after bloom.