Growing Pycnanthemum

Latin Name Pronunciation: pic-nan'-the-mum

Pycnanthemum is a genus in the mint family (Lamiaceae). Native to the US and Canada, these hardy Mountain Mint perennials are easy to grow.

SOIL: Thrives in average soil as well as rocky, dry or well-drained soils. Note that Pycnanthemum muticum will thrive in somewhat wet soil.

LIGHT: Grow in full in full sun to part shade locations.

SCENT: Any part of the plant will emit a mint-like scent when crushed.

SPREAD: Plants spread by rhizome and are vigorous, sometimes aggressive growers. However, it is easy to remove and plant elsewhere.

USES: Grow them in herb gardens, borders, naturalized areas, meadows, or in open spaces near streams or ponds. Be sure to pick a site where you can enjoy the long-lasting white flowers that emerge in late summer. The dried seedheads on strong stalks add winter interest, too.