Growing Verbascum (Hybrid Mullein)

Latin Name Pronunciation: ver-bass'cum  

Verbascums produce spikes of flowers on branched stems; heights vary with variety. Use Verbascums in borders or containers; great for bouquets, as well. Flowers often attract hummingbirds.

Plant in full sun in average garden soil with excellent drainage. Too much water, whether from rain or the hose, will cause plants to rot. The second year after planting, fertilize very lightly in early spring with a balanced, time-release fertilizer. In most parts of the country, hybrids Mulleins will be short-lived perennials. Divide them carefully in early spring of the third year to reinvigorate them and to increase the stock. Mulleins are also somewhat deer-resistant, so they are a good choice for areas where deer are a problem. Verbascum may self-sow.