Betula (Birch)

Betula nigra 'Heritage' thrives in full sun (or partial shade in the South and warm inland areas of the West) and in both damp and dry soils and everything in between. If your trees arrive as a clump of 3, we recommend that you plant them as a unit, because trees in a clump often become fused at the base; separating them may damage the bark. Trees are occasionally subject to infestations of leaf miners (which may cause temporary defoliation) and aphids, but grow so vigorously that neither pest does real harm. Pruning, which is rarely required, should be performed in mid-winter. Please note: the bark of young trees may show no signs of exfoliating (peeling) to reveal the lighter inner patches; this trait generally takes a few years to develop. Also, the color of the peeling bark may change with the seasons, appearing brightest against dark greens in summer and closer to tan against a pure white background of newly fallen snow.