Tabletop Trees from White Flower Farm


Tabletop Trees from White Flower Farm Transcript

White Flower Farm has several styles of decorated Spruce trees. Not only are they beautiful holiday decorations, but they make gorgeous landscape shrubs, as well. Today we’re going to show you how to take care of your Spruce trees and information on how to plant them in the spring.

When you receive your Spruce tree, you’re going to carefully remove it from the cardboard packaging. There are some cardboard inserts here--you’re going to remove those, and then carefully undo the twine around the bottom. We have a paper sleeve--we’re going to pull from the top. Again, go slowly...and here’s your beautiful Christmas tree. Once you’ve unpackaged your Spruce tree, you can rearrange the ornaments as you wish--all of the trees are hand decorated so it’s easy to do.

Now it’s time to water. It’s very important that you keep your Spruce tree watered. When you’re ready to water your Spruce tree, remove it from the cachepot, turn on the water, trying not to get water on your ornaments, or your lights. Water your Spruce tree thoroughly; it’s very important to let the water flow through the pot and drain out, and then you’re going to place it, after all of the water has drained, we’re going to place it back in our cachepot.

The Spruce trees that you receive are dormant; they don’t fertilizer while they’re in the house. The best location for your Spruce tree while indoors is in indirect light, in a cool room, away from a heat source. You’ll know it’s time to water your Spruce tree when the first top ½” of soil is dry. If you live in zones 3-7, you can plant your Spruce tree outdoors. To keep it going during the winter, you want to keep it in a cool location, that way it won’t need water as often.

Eventually you’re going to be transitioning it to the outdoors. So, in the spring, as soon as the ground can be worked, you can plant your Spruce tree outdoors. Make sure you plant it in a full sun location with the soil line even with the soil line of your tree. They make beautiful evergreen shrubs and they grow to about 15’ tall and 8’ wide. Enjoy your Spruce tree.

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