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Shop Everything Currently On Sale

Shop Everything Currently On Sale

Here you'll find our complete list of current special offers and promotions. Visit often, as our special offers come and go quickly, and join our email list to make sure you're alerted to any new special offers.

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On Sale:  Water Hyacinth Basket, large Water Hyacinth Basket, large SKU: S59256
$60.00 $45.00
On Sale:  Bari Pot, grey Bari Pot, grey SKU: F50249
$23.00 $17.25
On Sale:  Twine & Vine Basket, medium Twine & Vine Basket, medium SKU: S59491
$24.00 $18.00
On Sale:  Bari Pot, blue Bari Pot, blue SKU: S50252
$48.00 $36.00
On Sale:  Round Cement Cachepot Round Cement Cachepot SKU: F51077
$20.00 $15.00
On Sale:  Green & White Rope Basket Green & White Rope Basket SKU: X59270
$79.00 $59.25
On Sale:  Oracle Window Box Oracle Window Box SKU: X55846
$20.00 $15.00
On Sale:  Diamond Bell Garden Stake Diamond Bell Garden Stake SKU: F55879
$24.00 $18.00
On Sale:  Indispensable Aeration Fork Indispensable Aeration Fork SKU: S55899
$89.00 $66.75
On Sale:  Lavender Sachets by the Yard Lavender Sachets by the Yard SKU: F56251
$32.00 $24.00
On Sale:  Leaf Lanterns, Set of 2 Leaf Lanterns, Set of 2 SKU: S57525
$110.00 $82.50
On Sale:  Pacific Isles Potpourri Pacific Isles Potpourri SKU: S49025
$29.00 $21.75
On Sale:  Portland Pot, dark brown Portland Pot, dark brown SKU: X50250
$60.00 $45.00
On Sale:  Portland Pot, grey Portland Pot, grey SKU: S50251
$60.00 $45.00
On Sale:  Princess Tree Wood Bowl Princess Tree Wood Bowl SKU: F59376
$30.00 $22.50
On Sale:  Princess Tree Wood Vessel Princess Tree Wood Vessel SKU: F59377
$30.00 $22.50
On Sale:  Queen Anne Flower Stake Queen Anne Flower Stake SKU: S57799
$39.00 $29.25
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