Why Didn't My Hydrangea Bloom?


Why Didn't My Hydrangea Bloom? Transcript

Hi, I’m Barb. A question our customers frequently asks us is, “Why won’t my Hydrangeas bloom?” In general, it’s one of three reasons. Hydrangea macrophylla varieties, such as some of the older ones like ‘Nikko Blue’ are especially sensitive to cold-damage in their buds. Even some of the newer varieties like ‘Endless Summer’ that bloom on old wood and new wood--the old wood is still susceptible to cold damage as those buds have to go all of the way through the winter.

So one thing you can do is wrap your plant in burlap. You actually start at the bottom and wrap all of the way up and make sure those buds are covered to get through the winter. Another way you can hurt the buds on your Hydrangea macrophylla varieties is by pruning them at the wrong time. If you prune them in late fall, or early spring, you’re essentially cutting off the flowers.

Another common reason for your Hydrangeas not to bloom is if you’re using a high nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn. There can be runoff and the fertilizer will go into your garden beds and if there's too much nitrogen, the plant is going to produce leaves at the expense of flowers.

The third reason that your Hydrangea might not be blooming is if you’ve planted it in full shade. Many varieties need at least a half day of sun to produce abundant blossoms. So we highly recommend using the All-Bloom fertilizer for all your Hydrangeas.

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