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Grape Hyacinths are hardy, vigorous little spring bloomers that tolerate practically any soil and seem to live forever. Muscari armeniacum throws abundant, fragrant spikes of bright flowers that create a river of blue when planted en masse and allowed to self-sow.

 Muscari armeniacum Muscari armeniacum SKU: F390339
From $17.50
 Muscari Mixture - Singing the Blues Muscari Mixture - Singing the Blues SKU: F971810
From $17.50
 Muscari latifolium Muscari latifolium SKU: F392039
From $14.25
 Muscari Valerie Finnis Muscari Valerie Finnis SKU: F392342
From $13.25
 Muscari Baby's Breath Muscari Baby's Breath SKU: F392441
From $14.25
 Muscari botryoides Album Muscari botryoides Album SKU: F391739
From $13.25
 Muscari aucheri Ocean Magic Muscari aucheri Ocean Magic SKU: F390470
From $13.25
 Color Rhapsody Color Rhapsody SKU: F970157
From $42.00
 Periwinkle Path Periwinkle Path SKU: F970154
From $26.00
 Rites of Spring Trio Rites of Spring Trio SKU: F973057
From $39.00
 Muscari armeniacum 'Marleen' Muscari armeniacum 'Marleen' SKU: F392444
From $14.25
 Muscari paradoxum Muscari paradoxum SKU: F392446
From $14.25
 Muscari armeniacum 'Helena' Muscari armeniacum 'Helena' SKU: F392443
From $14.25
 Muscari armeniacum 'Mountain Lady' Muscari armeniacum 'Mountain Lady' SKU: F392445
From $14.25
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