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One of our greatest delights each summer is to bite into a sun-ripened Tomato, fresh and warm from the vine. Tomatoes bought from a store, even a farm stand, are just not the same. Tomato vines are easily grown in the ground or containers, even by beginning gardeners. The plants want good soil, lots of sun and heat, regular feeding, and careful staking. Your reward will be sweet fruit for many weeks, plus the rich, unmistakable Tomato scent that alone is enough to make your mouth water. Order early for the best selection, as it will be too late for us to sow more seeds after March.

To learn how your Tomato plant begins its journey in the propagation department at our nursery, watch our short video Seed Starting.

Please join us for our Great Tomato Celebration at our store. We will offer a vast selection of Tomato and vegetable seedlings from May 20-22nd. Click here for details.

All Tomato Varieties All Tomato Varieties Here youÍll find the best heirlooms and modern hybrids worth growing, with names like ïGreen Zebra.Í Read more
New Tomato Varieties New Tomato Varieties Each year we have the pleasure of introducing you to some of the best new Tomato varieties. Read more
Customer-Favorite Tomato Varieties Customer-Favorite Tomato Varieties For convenience, we've gathered our most popular varieties here. Read more
Cherry Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes There may be no group of Tomatoes more loved than the Cherries. Read more
Beefsteak Tomatoes Beefsteak Tomatoes When it comes to top Tomatoes for flavor, beefsteak varieties canÍt be beat. Read more
Paste Tomatoes Paste Tomatoes Paste Tomatoes naturally have less juice, fewer seeds, and thicker walls. Read more
Early Season Tomatoes Early Season Tomatoes Early maturing Tomatoes are an excellent choice for gardeners in areas with short growing seasons. Read more
Midsize Tomatoes Midsize Tomatoes The varieties below average around 6–12 oz, and are just the right size and shape for slicing. Read more
Colorful Tomato Varieties Colorful Tomato Varieties Get creative with different colors by combining golden orange, red, yellow, purple, and striped Tomatoes. Read more
Midseason Slicing Tomatoes Midseason Slicing Tomatoes For midseason slicing Tomatoes, we've selected varieties that ripen 65–80 days after transplanting. Read more
Heirloom Tomatoes Heirloom Tomatoes The names alone conjure up unusual shapes, colors, and tastes, and we want to grow them all. Read more
Tomato Collections Tomato Collections Busy lifestyles keep us all short on time, but growing your own fresh, healthy food is still possible. Read more
Tomato Growing Supplies Tomato Growing Supplies As you plan growing your own Tomato crop, we encourage you to consider these essential supplies. Read more
Featured Items
 Tomato Tycoon for Spring 2017 Tomato Tycoon for Spring 2017 SKU: S4573
From $6.00
 Tomato Spirals - Set of 3 Tomato Spirals - Set of 3 SKU: F57819
 Dura-Cage® by JWALT Dura-Cage® by JWALT SKU: S57113
From $23.95
 Tomato Celebrity Tomato Celebrity SKU: S4903
From $5.95
 Tomato Cherokee Purple Tomato Cherokee Purple SKU: S4916
From $5.95
 Tomato Black Cherry Tomato Black Cherry SKU: S4878
From $5.95
 Tomato Sweet Baby Girl Tomato Sweet Baby Girl SKU: S5073
From $5.95
 Tomato Black from Tula Tomato Black from Tula SKU: S4967
From $5.95
 Tomato SunSugar Tomato SunSugar SKU: S5211
From $5.95
 Tomato Bloody Butcher Tomato Bloody Butcher SKU: S5053
From $5.95
 Tomato San Marzano Tomato San Marzano SKU: S4931
From $5.95
 Tomato Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato Matt's Wild Cherry SKU: S4924
From $5.95
 Tomato Juliet Tomato Juliet SKU: S4864
From $5.95
 Tomato Pineapple Tomato Pineapple SKU: S5062
From $5.95
 Tomato Bush Beefsteak Tomato Bush Beefsteak SKU: S4977
From $5.95
 Tomato Sweet 100 Tomato Sweet 100 SKU: S4933
From $5.95
 Tomato Mortgage Lifter Tomato Mortgage Lifter SKU: S4926
From $5.95
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