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Everyone loves a deal, and when we encounter a promotion from a vendor, or simply grow too much of a particular plant, we're pleased to pass along the savings to our customers.

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Discounted Gift Certificates Available Now Discounted Gift Certificates Available Now Gardeners love new plants and the process of choosing them can keep them occupied for months. Read more
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Featured Items
 Gift Certificate Gift Certificate SKU: GIFT
 Hydrangea aborescens Haas' Halo Hydrangea aborescens Haas' Halo SKU: S63165
$33.95 $27.00
 Malva sylvestris ssp. mauritanica Malva sylvestris ssp. mauritanica SKU: S33780
$10.95 $8.75
 Rhododendron Jane Grant Rhododendron Jane Grant SKU: S66615
$39.95 $31.75
 Lamium maculatum White Nancy Lamium maculatum White Nancy SKU: S32690
$10.95 $8.75
 Helleborus orientalis Prince™ Red Helleborus orientalis Prince™ Red SKU: S30781
$19.95 $15.75
 Festuca glauca Beyond Blue™ Festuca glauca Beyond Blue™ SKU: S30042
$15.95 $12.75
 Campsis radicans Flava Campsis radicans Flava SKU: S60900
$25.95 $20.75
 Bletilla striata Bletilla striata SKU: S755201
$19.95 $15.75
 Humiditray for Every Decor Humiditray for Every Decor SKU: S58827
$40.00 $31.95
 Coreopsis Baby Sun Coreopsis Baby Sun SKU: S26831
$12.95 $10.25
 Helleborus niger Helleborus niger SKU: S30730
$13.45 $10.75
 Euphorbia myrsinites Euphorbia myrsinites SKU: S29043
$10.95 $8.75
 Hosta Shadowland® Wheee! Hosta Shadowland® Wheee! SKU: S31644
$19.95 $15.75
 Rodgersia sambucifolia Rodgersia sambucifolia SKU: S37360
$19.95 $15.75
 Hosta Victory Hosta Victory SKU: S31642
$16.95 $13.50
 Geranium Pink Penny Geranium Pink Penny SKU: S29669
$17.95 $14.25
 Hosta Shadowland® Autumn Frost Hosta Shadowland® Autumn Frost SKU: S31637
$19.95 $15.75
 Sedum Petrified Sedum Petrified SKU: S38225
$12.95 $10.25
 x Sedoro SunSparkler® Blue Elf x Sedoro SunSparkler® Blue Elf SKU: S38227
$12.95 $10.25
 Phlox paniculata Jeana Phlox paniculata Jeana SKU: S36018
$13.95 $11.00
 Iris ensata Loyalty Iris ensata Loyalty SKU: S32484
$16.95 $13.50
 Brunnera macrophylla Looking Glass Brunnera macrophylla Looking Glass SKU: S24920
$16.95 $13.50
 Bletilla striata alba Bletilla striata alba SKU: S755203
$19.95 $15.75
 Lilium Silver Scheherazade™ Lilium Silver Scheherazade™ SKU: S381442
$12.95 $10.25
 Tunica saxifraga Pleniflora Rosea Tunica saxifraga Pleniflora Rosea SKU: S39330
$12.95 $10.25
 Thermopsis caroliniana Thermopsis caroliniana SKU: S39050
$10.95 $8.75
 Lathyrus vernus Lathyrus vernus SKU: S32775
$12.95 $10.25
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