Delphinium elatum 'Faust' Blackmore & Langdon
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Delphinium elatum 'Faust'  Blackmore & Langdon

Delphinium elatum 'Faust' Blackmore & Langdon

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Delphinium
Hardiness Zone: 3-7S/10W Exposure: Sun
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Blooms In: Jun-Aug
Mature Height: 5-6' Spacing: 18-24"
Read our Growing Guide Ships as: 1 PINT 28.86 CU IN.
Deer Resistance: Yes
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Product Details

Product Details

Delicately ruffled petals of rich indigo all but conceal the black eyes of the garden giant, 'Faust,' another standout in our exclusive line of B&L Delphiniums. Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

We are honored to welcome back this extraordinary line of exceptional Delphiniums that has been in development since 1901. While B&L’s achievements with Delphiniums are less well known than their triumphs in the Begonia world, the same high standards apply here. Through recent advances in breeding techniques, these plants are now more vigorous, their blooms are vivid and refined, and the flower spikes are strong and graceful. B&L Delphiniums are available in the US only at White Flower Farm. Supplies are limited, so order early. Exclusive.

Delphiniums require full sun and rich soil amended with lime. In the South, they are best planted in the fall and treated as cool-season annuals.

For more information on growing Delphinium, click Growing Guide.




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I ordered 3 plants, which arrived in April and had to sit in my basement near a sunny window for nearly 3 weeks due to freezes and frosts that prohibited safe planting. Once planted, we had two more freezes but I covered them. They survived all that, plus living in a section of the garden that doesn't give them quite all the sun they really need. In spite of it all, I now have two gorgeous spikes of Indigo and purple flowers. Wonderful consolation for the mounds of daylilies the deer recently mowed down elsewhere in my garden! The third Faust plant is growing but just seems to be struggling to send up spikes. Hopefully next year! Meanwhile I'm thrilled with two in bloom, especially since such a specialized plant is totally new for me. I wish I had the space for more of the B&L varieties!! You won't be disappointed in this purchase. (Fingers crossed, of course, that they will ride out the coming winter and another crazy spring next year!)

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Show stopper

I planted these last summer and they struggled a bit with our Boston North Shore hot, dry summer, but this spring they are nothing short of magnificent! Huge, deep purple-blue spires tower over everything in the bed and the foliage is very healthy. Be sure to support them during heavy rainshowers, and grow them in a spot where they'll receive sun all day and moderate moisture and you will amazed by this showstopper!

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My favorite flower in my garden

These are incredibly beautiful flowers that bloom once in the early and again the late summer if cut back after the first bloom is finished. I got my first ones in the fall and wasn't sure if they would make it over our extreme winters but they did and have come back every year since. Just hang in there and give them a chance. I've gotten so many comments including from my landscaper who had never seen this delphinium before. They are planted against west and south facing stone walls 5-6 feet high so I don't bother it stake them and they do fine. If a stem breaks, it goes into a flower vase. They make excellent cut flowers. One thing I've found is that they don't like to be crowded as they do tend to spread out over the years. So weeding is essential and don't be afraid to cut them back to 6 inches for reblooming. They actually do better and come back quickly, just not as tall. You will have flowers a good portion of the time. I am buying half a dozen more this year as I couldn't find them for sale last year.

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Tiny, Dried Out - Sub-Par

I ordered other Delphiniums from White Flower before with great success - I was so looking forward to receiving this one. When it arrived I immediately opened the box to find my three Blackmore & Langdon plants (all different) root bound, dry as a bone -- and incredibly small! This is what I get for $22.00 EACH? I am definitely disappointed. NOT up to the usual standard of this company. In fact, one had yellow leaves from being so root bound.
I planted all three, watered well and now hope and pray these tiny babies survive but I am not holding my breath!
Response from White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm, 5 years ago (05/25/19 01:38PM)

I am sorry you were not pleased with the overall quality of this plant and I will be contacting you via email regarding compensation.

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I am so pleased with these delphiniums! Fantastic iridescent purple color. This was my first full summer with them and they topped out at about four and a half feet, including blooms that are at least 18 inches. Definitely need to be staked as I lost some stalks that bent in the rain. I cut them off and put them in a vase and let them dry out and they are still beautiful when dried. I highly recommend them!

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: del-fin'ee-um 

Delphiniums require full sun, preferably in a spot protected from high winds. They also need very fertile soil, with a pH close to neutral. If your soil is acid, plan to mix a handful of lime into the bed. And, lastly, all of the tall varieties require staking. Inevitably, a sudden downpour will knock unsupported stems down into the mud, and there's no way to ease that heartbreak. We suggest using two or more loops of twine, arranged in a figure-8, starting near the base and ending just below the flower head.

"Very fertile soil" means soil enriched with plenty of compost or composted manure. Plan to add a balanced, slow-release fertilizer as well.

Yes, Delphiniums require more attention and preparation than some other perennials. But, as our founder wrote, "… no gardener worth his loam would stop growing Delphiuniums just because they are not as rugged as weeds. There is nothing more beautiful or more rewarding …."

Cut the flower stalks of all but D. grandiflorum 'Blue Mirror' to the ground immediately after flowering for a second, smaller show in September. D. grandiflorum 'Blue Mirror' is the best Delphinium for the South but is short-lived there; allow a few plants to go to seed to provide for replacements.

Combine with Peonies, Siberian Iris, Lupines, Shasta Daisies, Roses, and other June bloomers.

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