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Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

The days are growing shorter, geese have begun honking overhead as they bid us goodbye for a while, and the first leaves on the trees have begun to change. These signs are Nature’s ways of telling us that it’s time to start fall cleanup in the garden. As we go about our autumn rituals here at the farm, there are a number of tools we would not, and could not, do without. From top quality pruners to an adjustable rake to a Rolling Tarp, we rely on these beautifully crafted, top quality tools because they help get the job done, and they’re built to last.

 Unlimited Garden Scissors Unlimited Garden Scissors SKU: F7130
 Precision Weeder Precision Weeder SKU: F49812
 Premium Gardening Pruners Premium Gardening Pruners SKU: F53782
 Swoe Swoe SKU: F57717
 Adjustable Rake Adjustable Rake SKU: F56191
 Tight Spots Weeding Tool Tight Spots Weeding Tool SKU: F49814
 Root Grabber Weeding Tool Root Grabber Weeding Tool SKU: F49813
 Gardener's Hand Hoe Gardener's Hand Hoe SKU: F49799
 Tool Rack Tool Rack SKU: S50008
 Quick Sweep Curved Brush Quick Sweep Curved Brush SKU: S50709
 Hand Cultivator Hand Cultivator SKU: S49826
 Ultimate Garden Fork Ultimate Garden Fork SKU: F49801
 Gardener's Hand Rake Gardener's Hand Rake SKU: F49803
 Professional Garden Trowel Professional Garden Trowel SKU: F49805
 Hand-Forged Step Edger Hand-Forged Step Edger SKU: F49802
 Gardener's Go-To Rake Gardener's Go-To Rake SKU: F49809
 Compact Pointed Spade Compact Pointed Spade SKU: F49808
 Right-handers Garden Hoe Right-handers Garden Hoe SKU: F49804
 Heavy-Duty Tool Sharpener Heavy-Duty Tool Sharpener SKU: F49811
 Narrow Space Leaf Rake Narrow Space Leaf Rake SKU: F49818
 Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner SKU: S50708
 Japanese Garden Snips Japanese Garden Snips SKU: S49823
 Japanese Secateurs Japanese Secateurs SKU: S49825
 Potting Soil Scoop Potting Soil Scoop SKU: S49827
 Niwaki Hori Hori Knife Niwaki Hori Hori Knife SKU: S49839
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