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All Limited Time Offers

All Limited Time Offers

Take advantage of discounted prices on these items to enhance your home and garden. Many of our specials are valid for a limited time period, so check back often. Join our email list to make sure you're alerted first to any new offers.

 Brampton Planter Brampton Planter SKU: S58738
$99.00 $69.30
 Cretan Pot Heraklis Cretan Pot Heraklis SKU: F50195
$130.00 $91.00
 Ashburn Pot, small Ashburn Pot, small SKU: S58739
$59.00 $41.30
 Heavy-Duty Garden Tote Heavy-Duty Garden Tote SKU: S57109
$99.00 $69.30
 Galvanized Seed Canister Galvanized Seed Canister SKU: S50114
$39.00 $27.30
 Norwich Urn Norwich Urn SKU: S58718
$139.00 $97.30
 Deck Trolley Deck Trolley SKU: F57116
$42.00 $29.40
 Pedestal Planter, small Pedestal Planter, small SKU: S58719
$59.00 $41.30
 Pedestal Planter, large Pedestal Planter, large SKU: S58720
$89.00 $62.30
 Petaluma Planter Bowl, small Petaluma Planter Bowl, small SKU: 58712
$29.00 $20.30
 Petaluma Planter Bowl, large Petaluma Planter Bowl, large SKU: 58714
$79.00 $55.30
 Petaluma Planter Bowls, set of 3 Petaluma Planter Bowls, set of 3 SKU: 58723
$150.00 $105.00
 Petaluma Planter Bowl, medium Petaluma Planter Bowl, medium SKU: 58713
$59.00 $41.30
 Large Large SKU: S58748
$89.00 $62.30
 Medium Medium SKU: S58747
$59.00 $41.30
 Small Small SKU: S58741
$39.00 $27.30
 Small/medium Small/medium SKU: S55148
$98.00 $68.60
 Large Large SKU: S55149
$98.00 $68.60
 Centro Planter, gray Centro Planter, gray SKU: S58500
$39.00 $27.30
 Trio Trio SKU: F52000
$69.00 $48.30
 Maple Maple SKU: F52001
$26.00 $18.20
 Centro Planter, gray Centro Planter, gray SKU: S58502
$89.00 $62.30
 Walnut, Small Walnut, Small SKU: F52002
$22.00 $15.40
 Walnut, Large Walnut, Large SKU: F52003
$24.00 $16.80
 Gray Acanthus Urn Gray Acanthus Urn SKU: F58867
$89.00 $62.30
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