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Tulip Tomato Tango

Tulip Tomato Tango

One of our favorite ways to take advantage of limited space in the garden is to practice what we call the Tulip Tomato Tango. This clever technique begins in fall. Once we've harvested the last of our vegetables, we remove and discard the plants. In their places, we plant Tulip bulbs. When spring comes, the glorious flowers bloom, and we have plenty to cut for weeks of springtime bouquets. When the last of our Tulip blossoms has been cut, we dig out the bulbs and compost or discard them. Our garden is now ready for Tomatoes and vegetables, which can be planted once the soil has warmed up.

When you order our Tulip Tomato Tango, we’ll send you one of our new Tulip collections to plant this fall, and in the spring we’ll send you our Raised Bed Veggie Garden or Heirloom Tomato Collection to plant after the spent bulbs are removed from your garden. Please note: 3 Tulip collections will fill an 8′ long x 4′ wide bed.