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Web-Only Tulip Varieties

Web-Only Tulip Varieties

In most years we offer more Tulip varieties than can fit in our print catalog, and we like to feature these "web only" varieties here to ensure that they get their share of the spotlight.

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 Tulip 'Mount Tacoma' Tulip 'Mount Tacoma' SKU: F211052
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Barcelona' Tulip 'Barcelona' SKU: F232120
$14.25 $11.40
 Tulip 'Ronaldo' Tulip 'Ronaldo' SKU: F232704
From $12.25
 Tulip 'Maureen' Tulip 'Maureen' SKU: F253202
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Apricot Parrot' Tulip 'Apricot Parrot' SKU: F210012
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Spring Green' Tulip 'Spring Green' SKU: F280402
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Purissima Blonde' Tulip 'Purissima Blonde' SKU: F213099
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Prinses Irene' Tulip 'Prinses Irene' SKU: F211402
From $12.25
 Tulip 'Ballerina' Tulip 'Ballerina' SKU: F260202
From $13.25
 Early Surprise Tulip Mix Early Surprise Tulip Mix SKU: F232708
$20.50 $16.40
 Tulip 'Exotic Emperor' Tulip 'Exotic Emperor' SKU: F211025
From $13.25
 Ambrosia Double Tulip Collection Ambrosia Double Tulip Collection SKU: F972218
From $26.75
 Tulip 'Creme Upstar' Tulip 'Creme Upstar' SKU: F212302
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Jumbo Beauty' Tulip 'Jumbo Beauty' SKU: F254450
$13.25 $10.60
 Growers Choice Tulip Mixture Growers Choice Tulip Mixture SKU: F236502
From $20.50
 Tulip 'Purple Dream' Tulip 'Purple Dream' SKU: F260905
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Andre Rieu' Tulip 'Andre Rieu' SKU: F232721
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Conqueror' Tulip 'Conqueror' SKU: F242600
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Blushing Girl' Tulip 'Blushing Girl' SKU: F232717
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Cairo' Tulip 'Cairo' SKU: F230750
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Crown Princess Mary' Tulip 'Crown Princess Mary' SKU: F211016
From $15.50
 Tulip 'Pretty Princess' Tulip 'Pretty Princess' SKU: F211808
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Silver Parrot' Tulip 'Silver Parrot' SKU: F232775
From $16.50
 Tulip 'Shirley Double' Tulip 'Shirley Double' SKU: F232796
From $13.50
 Tulip 'Double Touch' Tulip 'Double Touch' SKU: F211810
From $16.50
 Tulip Ivory 'Floradale' Tulip Ivory 'Floradale' SKU: F241702
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Rigas Barikades' Tulip 'Rigas Barikades' SKU: F232723
$15.25 $12.20
 Tulip 'Dream Touch' Tulip 'Dream Touch' SKU: F211806
$16.50 $13.20
 Tulip 'Spryng Break' Tulip 'Spryng Break' SKU: F232799
From $19.50
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