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Web-Only Tulip Varieties

Web-Only Tulip Varieties

In most years we offer more Tulip varieties than can fit in our print catalog, and we like to feature these "web only" varieties here to ensure that they get their share of the spotlight.

 Blue-Ribbon Stretch Mix Blue-Ribbon Stretch Mix SKU: F971158
From $55.00
New Item:  Tulip 'Alison Bradley' Tulip 'Alison Bradley' SKU: F210158
From $15.00
 Tulip 'Chong Ming Love' Tulip 'Chong Ming Love' SKU: F215468
From $15.00
New Item:  Tulip 'Double Blizz' Tulip 'Double Blizz' SKU: F210161
From $17.00
 Tulip 'Kunyun' Tulip 'Kunyun' SKU: F215467
From $16.00
New Item:  Tulip 'Louvre Orange' Tulip 'Louvre Orange' SKU: F210162
From $16.00
New Item:  Tulip 'Merlot' Tulip 'Merlot' SKU: F232121
From $15.00
New Item:  Tulip 'Novi Sun' Tulip 'Novi Sun' SKU: F210159
From $15.00
New Item:  Tulip 'Red Dress' Tulip 'Red Dress' SKU: F210160
From $16.00
New Item:  Tulip 'Valdivia' Tulip 'Valdivia' SKU: F210163
From $18.00