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Zone 6 Bulbs

Zone 6 Bulbs

Explore all the bulbs we offer for USDA Hardiness Zone 6, organized together here for your convenience. Fall-planted bulbs must survive winter temperatures as low as -10°F in Zone 6 in order to bloom in the spring—Hyacinth, Lilies, Daffodils, and Tulips are popular options. Summer-flowering bulbs perform well in the moderately long growing season in this Zone. To learn more about Hardiness Zones and to find yours, visit our Hardiness Zones page.

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On Sale:  A Big Mix of Little Alliums A Big Mix of Little Alliums SKU: F339003
$15.00 $11.25
On Sale:  Allium caeruleum Allium caeruleum SKU: F303003
$12.00 $9.00
On Sale:  Allium sphaerocephalon Allium sphaerocephalon SKU: F331003
$11.00 $8.25
On Sale:  Chionodoxa forbesii Chionodoxa forbesii SKU: F110309
$15.00 $11.25
On Sale:  Colorful Carpet Mix Colorful Carpet Mix SKU: F972100
$36.00 $27.00
On Sale:  Erythronium 'Pagoda' Erythronium 'Pagoda' SKU: F230323
$12.00 $9.00
On Sale:  Farewell to Winter Crocus Mix Farewell to Winter Crocus Mix SKU: F153415
$22.00 $16.50
On Sale:  Hyacinthus orientalis 'Aqua' Hyacinthus orientalis 'Aqua' SKU: F320236
$14.00 $10.50
On Sale:  Iris hollandica 'Discovery' Iris hollandica 'Discovery' SKU: F201322
$16.00 $12.00
On Sale:  Muscari latifolium Muscari latifolium SKU: F392039
$16.00 $12.00
On Sale:  Narcissus 'Sun Disc' Narcissus 'Sun Disc' SKU: F113171
$19.00 $14.24
On Sale:  Rembrandt Tulip Mix Rembrandt Tulip Mix SKU: F232779
$27.00 $20.25
On Sale:  Scent of Spring Daffodil Mix Scent of Spring Daffodil Mix SKU: F984306
$32.00 $24.00
On Sale:  The Works Daffodil Mix The Works Daffodil Mix SKU: F984310
$65.00 $48.80
On Sale:  Tulip 'Chong Ming Love' Tulip 'Chong Ming Love' SKU: F215468
$15.00 $11.26
On Sale:  Tulip 'Jaap Groot' Tulip 'Jaap Groot' SKU: F232709
$15.00 $11.26
On Sale:  Tulip 'Lalibela' Tulip 'Lalibela' SKU: F241764
$16.00 $12.00
On Sale:  Tulip 'Lemon Chiffon' Tulip 'Lemon Chiffon' SKU: F241550
$16.00 $12.00
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