Nicotiana alata
Nicotiana alata

Nicotiana alata

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Common Name: Tobacco Flower
Hardiness Zone: Annual Exposure: Sun to Part Shade
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Blooms In: Jul-Oct
Mature Height: 36-40" Spacing: 15-18"
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Fragrance: Yes
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Product Details

Product Details

For our money, the best form of Nicotiana is still the species N. alata (often called Jasmine Tobacco) which produces tall, graceful stems of pale, nodding flowers with starry faces. Nicotiana is a tropical genus that has Tobacco as its most infamous member, but all of the 70-odd species are fragrant in flower or leaf, or both. Their luminous flowers, often open in the evening, have attracted a lot of attention from hybridizers who have interbred species until it's hard to know what you've got, but Nicotiana alata is something special. Its soft, sweet perfume peaks at dusk on warm nights, attracting exotic pollinators and domestic gardeners to its calming presence. Bloom starts in July and continues into fall in a protected spot. These 3–4′ plants stand up to rough weather without staking and are not fussy about soil. A half day of sun is plenty, which makes it easy to tuck them in near a door or window and enjoy their perfume indoors. Perennial in Zone 10.

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No scent

Last spring I ordered the white Nicotania, but I was very disappointed that there was no scent at all when they flowered. Why is that?

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Hardy favorite

One of the hardiest plants I have in my garden. I'm a new gardener and so have very few perennials to fill in my beds. This was one of the first plants I purchased and it self-sowed wonderfully the second year, filling in areas around the vegetable garden and in among other annuals. I'm on the border of zones 5b and 6a with sandy soil. I collected so many seeds that there is no need to ever purchase a plant again. I plan on buying the crimson variety this next spring.

The fragrance is a surprise since it only really happens after dark. It inspired me to create an entirely white moon garden next year to enhance the experience of the nighttime garden.

17 of 17 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no  Certified buyer

Scented nicotiana

I wanted to plant scented nicotiana by my bedroom window. I ordered 3 plants. They arrived in very good shape and they grew up great. Unfortunately they had no scent at all. This was a big disappointment. Buying these plants was expensive for me especially seeing that main feature I wanted was not there.
Response from White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm, 4 years ago (09/21/19 11:21AM)

While I am pleased to learn these plants have done well for you, I do apologize you could not detect a scent, even in the evening when it tends to be most pronounced. I will be contacting you directly via email regarding compensation.

5 of 5 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no

Pretty - but . . .

I requested this plant from one of my daughters for Mother's Day two years ago. I fondly remembered the fragrance from years ago. Two of the three plants arrived in good shape. All eventually recovered. They should not survive the winter here or seed new plants, but they did so. They are beautiful and vigorous. But I wanted them for the intoxicating scent. They have none. I planted them under my bedroom window. I am so disappointed!
Response from White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm, 4 years ago (08/29/19 02:43PM)

The scent of Nicotiana is often most pronounced in the evening. I am sorry to learn this has not been your experience with the plants and I will be contacting you via email regarding compensation.

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perfect for white border garden

I bought three of these not knowing how they would turn out. There was one that looked rather weak, and two that seemed hearty. Within a few weeks all were flourishing and have filled out beautifully. I will certainly buy more next year, as they create a beautiful lacy curtain of flowers around the base of my front porch. (I also did not notice a scent - but the lovely appearance more than makes up for it.)
Response from White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm, 4 years ago (08/02/19 03:27PM)

I am so pleased to learn these plants are doing so well for you Kathryn! It is a great annual. As stated in the product details, the scent is more pronounced in the evening.

3 of 4 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no  Certified buyer

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Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: nih-ko-she-ay'nuh 

A tropical genus that has Tobacco as its most widely known member, but all the 70-odd species are fragrant in flower or leaf, or both. Their pale, luminous flowers often open in the evening, so tuck plants in near a door or window to get their Jasmine-like perfume indoors. Give them full sun or partial shade, and grow in well-drained soil enriched with organic matter, such as compost or peat moss.


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