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All Pottery

All Pottery

We work with partners throughout Europe and the United States to bring you only the finest quality pottery. Choose a whimsical design from Whichford Pottery in England, or try a Castle pot made by Bergs Pottery in Italy. Whatever you fancy, we offer a wide variety of designs and sizes for indoor and outdoor use.

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 Shakespeare Anniversary Pot Shakespeare Anniversary Pot SKU: S55888
 Hosta Pot Hosta Pot
From $76.00
 Buxus Pot Buxus Pot
From $29.00
 Dahlia Pot Dahlia Pot SKU: S59565
 Birds & Berries Pot Birds & Berries Pot SKU: S59547
 Pot Feet, set of 3 Pot Feet, set of 3 SKU: S59564
 Cretan Pot Roumbaki Mallia Cretan Pot Roumbaki Mallia SKU: S50188
 Cretan Pot Gozunta Cretan Pot Gozunta SKU: S59087
 Cretan Pot Kioupi Cretan Pot Kioupi SKU: F56841
 Cretan Pot Ikaros Cretan Pot Ikaros SKU: S59089
 Cretan Pot Idomeneas Cretan Pot Idomeneas SKU: S59088
 Cretan Pot Glastraki Cretan Pot Glastraki SKU: S56842
 Cretan Pot Koronaki Delta Cretan Pot Koronaki Delta SKU: F50179
 Oldham Pot Oldham Pot SKU: F59063
 Cretan Pot Suzan Cretan Pot Suzan SKU: S50186
 Cretan Pot Orestis Cretan Pot Orestis SKU: S50185
 Willow Pot Willow Pot SKU: S59540
 Barnsley Bowl Barnsley Bowl
From $34.00
 RHS Foxglove Flowerpot RHS Foxglove Flowerpot SKU: S59539
 Cretan Pot Panos Cretan Pot Panos
From $40.00
 Pot Feet, set of 3 Pot Feet, set of 3 SKU: S50653
 Cretan Pot Kasteli Cretan Pot Kasteli SKU: S50207
 Pot Feet, set of 4 Pot Feet, set of 4 SKU: S50654
 Double Piecrust Pot Double Piecrust Pot SKU: X59110
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