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Clean Your Containers

Clean Your Containers

Nobody likes to move into a dirty house and that includes your plants. As you undo your summer containers, give the pots a quick cleaning before filling them again. Here at the farm, we have a few indispensable supplies to help with the job. We start with our favorite Tip Bag and Potting Soil Scoop, both of which are handy when emptying pots and carting away debris. (Wearing a good pair of gloves is also helpful.) Next we use one of our lightweight hoses and our handmade Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner to give each container a good scrub. When dirt and detritus have been washed away, we fill our pots again with container mix for a new season’s plantings.

 Compact Coil Hose, 50' Compact Coil Hose, 50' SKU: S7731
 Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner SKU: S50708
 Potting Soil Scoop Potting Soil Scoop SKU: S49827
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