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Tools & Supplies

Tools & Supplies

At White Flower Farm, we use garden tools and supplies every day. Those you see here are the products we keep in easy reach in our garden shed. Quite simply, we could not—and would not—garden without them. Each does the job it’s designed to do and has stood the test of time. We regard all of these products as essentials, and we know them to be of superb quality and value. That’s why we offer them to you.

All Tools & Supplies All Tools & Supplies The tools and garden gear we offer are the same high quality, time-tested instruments we rely on. Read more
New Tools & Supplies New Tools & Supplies We're a bit stubborn when it comes to gardening tools and supplies—we like what we like. Read more
Garden Container Cleaning Tools Garden Container Cleaning Tools Nobody likes to move into a dirty house and that includes your plants. Read more
Web-Only Tools & Supplies Web-Only Tools & Supplies These garden essentials are available only on our website. Read more
Flora & Fauna Gardening Accessories Flora & Fauna Gardening Accessories The beautiful design elevates these garden accessories to the level of artwork. Read more

Featured Items

 Espoma Garden Lime Espoma Garden Lime SKU: F56847
 Japanese Secateurs Japanese Secateurs SKU: S49825
 Hand Cultivator Hand Cultivator SKU: S49826
 Ivory Indoor Watering Can Ivory Indoor Watering Can SKU: F50410
 Precision Weeder Precision Weeder SKU: F49812
 Root Grabber Weeding Tool Root Grabber Weeding Tool SKU: F49813
 Cretan Pot Panos Cretan Pot Panos
From $50.00
 Cretan Pot Kasteli Cretan Pot Kasteli SKU: S50207
 Haws Flower Pitcher Haws Flower Pitcher SKU: F56182
 Dark Green Amaryllis Stake Dark Green Amaryllis Stake SKU: X56597
 Filigree Plant Stand Filigree Plant Stand SKU: S51683
On Sale:  Water Hyacinth Basket, large Water Hyacinth Basket, large SKU: S59256
$60.00 $45.00
 Wrenthorpe Pancheon Wrenthorpe Pancheon SKU: X59082
 Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner SKU: S50708
 Japanese Garden Snips Japanese Garden Snips SKU: S49823
 Premium Gardening Pruners Premium Gardening Pruners SKU: F53782
 Unlimited Garden Scissors Unlimited Garden Scissors SKU: F7130
 Albani Urn, natural Albani Urn, natural SKU: S58749
 All-Bloom Fertilizer All-Bloom Fertilizer SKU: F51014
 All-Season Birdseed Casita All-Season Birdseed Casita SKU: S49039
 Alpine Birdhouse Alpine Birdhouse SKU: F50146