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Tools & Supplies

Tools & Supplies

At White Flower Farm, we use garden tools and supplies every day. Those you see here are the products we keep in easy reach in our garden shed. Quite simply, we could not—and would not—garden without them. Each does the job it’s designed to do and has stood the test of time. We regard all of these products as essentials, and we know them to be of superb quality and value. That’s why we offer them to you.

All Tools & Supplies All Tools & Supplies The tools and garden gear we offer are the same high quality, time-tested instruments we rely on. Read more
New Tools & Supplies New Tools & Supplies We're a bit stubborn when it comes to gardening tools and supplies—we like what we like. Read more
Clean Your Containers Clean Your Containers Nobody likes to move into a dirty house and that includes your plants. Read more
Fertilizer & Soil Amendments Fertilizer & Soil Amendments Most plants grow best if fertilized, usually with a light hand. Read more
Gardening Accessories Gardening Accessories We offer a full range of marvelous accessories for your garden and you. Read more
Garden Gear Garden Gear The right gloves or garden bag can make a world of difference. Read more
Watering Watering We have expanded our line of watering cans to provide options that are as stylish as they are functional. Read more
Web-Only Tools & Supplies Web-Only Tools & Supplies These garden essentials are available only on our website. Read more
Raised Beds Raised Beds A raised bed makes a perfect home for a garden. Read more
Arbors, Trellises, Supports Arbors, Trellises, Supports Garden trellises and tuteurs do more than support climbing vines. Read more
Berger Precision Cutting Tools Berger Precision Cutting Tools These exceptional tools are crafted for long-lasting sharpness and corrosion resistance. Read more
Flora & Fauna Gardening Accessories Flora & Fauna Gardening Accessories The beautiful design elevates these garden accessories to the level of artwork. Read more
Garden Accents Garden Accents We offer a broad selection of beautifully crafted, durable garden accents. Read more
Sneeboer Gardening Tools Sneeboer Gardening Tools The Sneeboer line of tools is a particular favorite of ours. Read more
Weeding Tools & Supplies Weeding Tools & Supplies We offer an array of top quality tools designed to help eradicate weeds of various types in a variety of locations. Read more
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 Barn Owl Ornament Barn Owl Ornament SKU: X50977
 Double Piecrust Pot Double Piecrust Pot SKU: X59110
 Flower Press Flower Press SKU: X57622
 Dahlia Placemats, set of 4 Dahlia Placemats, set of 4 SKU: X59808
 Gardener Collection Book Set Gardener Collection Book Set SKU: X59705
 Roulette Pot and Saucer Roulette Pot and Saucer SKU: X59111
 Circle of Lights Circle of Lights SKU: X56566
 Birdseed Wands, set of 4 Birdseed Wands, set of 4 SKU: X50155
 Ivory Urn Vase Duo Ivory Urn Vase Duo SKU: X59349
 The Great Dixter Cookbook The Great Dixter Cookbook SKU: X59706
 Baby Cow Tote Baby Cow Tote
From $24.00
 Baby Goat Tote Baby Goat Tote
From $24.00
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