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Web-Only Tools & Supplies

Web-Only Tools & Supplies

Our goal is to help you succeed in the garden. To that end we have assembled a select group of handy garden tools and supplies that we didn't have room for in our catalog. These garden essentials are available only on our website.

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 All-Bloom Fertilizer All-Bloom Fertilizer SKU: F51014
 Bulb Cage Bulb Cage SKU: F982498
 Rustic Twig Tower Rustic Twig Tower SKU: F7362
 Large Rose Trellis Large Rose Trellis SKU: F54024
 Grow Fertilizer Grow Fertilizer SKU: S51011
 Cedar Tuteur Cedar Tuteur SKU: F57753
 Unlimited Garden Scissors Unlimited Garden Scissors SKU: F7130
 Vermont Compost Plus Vermont Compost Plus SKU: F51002
 Cretan Pot Roumbaki Mallia Cretan Pot Roumbaki Mallia SKU: S50188
 Soil pH Meter Soil pH Meter SKU: F58794
 Armillary Garden Ornament Armillary Garden Ornament SKU: F56856
 Cretan Pot Andreas Cretan Pot Andreas SKU: S50189
 Holiday Birdseed Wreath Holiday Birdseed Wreath SKU: X50130
 Bulb Planter for Borders Bulb Planter for Borders SKU: F981698
 Classic Arched Arbor Classic Arched Arbor SKU: F57810
 Elevated Garden Elevated Garden SKU: F57723
 Acacia Trellis Acacia Trellis SKU: F58863
 Hanging Garden Markers Hanging Garden Markers SKU: F57740
 Fiber Garden Pot Fiber Garden Pot SKU: S55840
 Durham Pot Durham Pot SKU: F58996
 Cedar Obelisk Tuteur Cedar Obelisk Tuteur SKU: F56843
 Haws Watering Can Haws Watering Can SKU: F50406
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